Top Cop concerned about recent murders committed by mentally challenged persons

Following two recent murders in Georgetown and one on the Essequibo Coast that were committed by persons that were mentally challenged, Acting Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken said he is deeply concerned.
As such, he advised that families look out for those who may be showing signs of depression and seek the necessary intervention to mitigate such crimes.
“The Guyana Police Force will also continue to work closely with the Ministry of Human Services and other stakeholders in pursuing initiatives aimed at mitigating such occurrences,” the Commissioner said.

Acting Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken

At least two elderly women were killed in the last week by their relatives that suffer from mental illnesses.
On Sunday last, 75-year-old Angelica Agatha Gamell, a pensioner of Lot 168 Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), was brutally killed at her home by her 22-year-old granddaughter.
According to reports, Gamell lived alone in a flat concrete house and would be visited occasionally by her granddaughter.
On Saturday night, the suspect visited the elderly woman with her one-month-old daughter to spend the night.
However, early on Sunday morning, one of Gamell’s neighbours told investigators that she heard loud screams, tramping, and crying of a baby coming from the elderly woman’s house. These sounds lasted for about 15 minutes.
Shortly after, the suspect went to the neighbour’s house and knocked at the door.
According to the neighbour, when the door was opened, she saw the 22-year-old woman with the naked baby in her hands. The neighbour said the suspect told her that the baby had just died and attempted to hand the baby over to her. The neighbour refused to take the baby.

Angelica Agatha Gamell

The suspect then walked out of the yard and onto the street with her baby.
The Police were called, and upon inspection of the house, the ranks discovered Gamell’s body clad in a white nightdress with suspected bloodstains and black tights, lying face up on a floormat in the kitchen.
Her head was reportedly shaved, and salt was found around her body.
Shortly after, the teacher was taken into custody, and when questioned by the Police, she claimed that she did not know how she received her injuries. She was later sent to the psychiatric ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital, to undergo evaluation.
Meanwhile, on Friday morning, a 76-year-old woman was stabbed to death at her Princes Street, Georgetown home, and her nephew who is mentally ill and whom she had taken care of since he was a child is the suspect in this matter.
Audrey Statia Elizabeth Harris was found dead with her body bearing multiple stab wounds.

Audrey Statia Elizabeth Harris

Police said that the alleged perpetrator of this act is her nephew, a person in his 50s who has been living in the bottom flat of her two-storey home. He has since gone into hiding.
The woman’s husband, Lawrence Hayde, said he was on his way to work when he was informed of his wife’s death, he said he returned home, and he found his wife’s lifeless body.
Meanwhile, the Police said that the suspect and the victim had an argument earlier in the day because she had wanted the suspect to move out of the house and the suspect had refused. During that argument, the suspect, who was armed with a knife, dealt the victim two stabs on both sides of her neck. At the time of the incident, the victim was also armed with a hammer.
Upon being stabbed, the victim fell to the ground, and the suspect ran out of the yard and escaped in an unknown direction. Up to press time on Saturday, he remained on the run.