Transforming Guyana

A year ago, on August 2, 2020 a 5-month long democratic battle ended after Guyanese stood up with the support of many nations around the world to stop an attempt to derail the correct result of the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections.
This led to the swearing in of Guyana’s youngest President. Since taking office, President Dr Irfaan Ali has, on many occasions, underlined the need for peace and harmony in Guyana, and has pledged that he is committed to working with all stakeholders to achieve this objective. Thus, he launched the ‘One Guyana’ concept which he has repeatedly said, is aimed at equity and opportunity for all Guyanese.
On his first anniversary of his presidency Monday and recommitting to this, Ali said: “I renew that pledge with the strength of my belief, the courage of my commitment, and the fidelity of my heart and soul.”
Over the past year, on many of his visits to communities across Guyana, he has been consistent with this call. He has also assured that he would act in the best interest of all Guyanese, whether or not they supported his party. This approach is very encouraging, and could only mean well for Guyana.
The President has taken a very proactive approach in managing the affairs of the State and has been consistent in his discussions no matter which communities he visited.
For example, over the past year during his outreaches in Berbice and Essequibo – as well as Sophia in Georgetown – where, in addition to plans for development, he communicated the need for social harmony. “I want to bring the country together. You have a President who is willing to work with everyone,” he was quoted in the media as saying. Also, during his visit to Sophia he told a gathering that he wanted to personally hear about their problems, saying that he has to “lead by example too”.
Likewise, the same consistency was kept when he visited residents of Port Mourant that his objective is to help develop all of Guyana.
He also shared similar sentiments during visits to the administrative regions of Guyana.
The past year, Dr Ali showed experienced as someone who would have served in the Cabinet and the public service prior to his ascension to the presidency, and he was exposed to a range of challenges, and he has shown a full grasp of the kind of leadership that is needed.
On Monday again he renewed his commitment to the completion of and other range of policies and programmes upon which his Government would embark to bring “a rapid expansion of Guyana’s physical infrastructure.” Most of these – for example, Lethem to Linden Road; bridge across Corentyne River; new bridge across the Demerara River – has already gotten off the ground.
We support the president when he said on Monday that with Guyana abundant natural resources, it can anchor the energy security and prosperity of the Caribbean Community.
To quote him: “With our vast agricultural capacity, we can realise the long-standing promise of being the breadbasket of the Caribbean.
And, given our geo-strategic location, we can turn our gaze south, to be a bridge between the Caribbean and Latin America. In all this, we will continue to tap into the huge reservoir of skills and other resources in our dynamic Diaspora, and work with our regional and international partners and investors, to pursue the objectives of the plan. Moreover, we will do so never losing sight of the paramount imperative of maintaining our sovereignty and securing our territorial integrity.”
It is clear that Guyana is on a democratic path and we have another glorious opportunity to fashion a society that is modern, inclusive, progressive, and one in which all citizens could be proud.
Our political leaders have a crucial role to play in building and development of Guyana. The President is certainly leading by example, and we are very pleased to see this happening. We expect all the others to follow suit, and put country first above partisan interests. The elections have long gone, and it is time to start focusing on improving the lives of all citizens.
“No Guyanese will be left out, none will be overlooked, and none will be abandoned” – President Ali.