We as Guyanese have endured so much outside of the pandemic

Dear Editor,
Today I write to you to reflect on the year 2020 to 2021. We as Guyanese have endured so much outside of the pandemic. We have faced challenge after challenge but we are still standing. That in itself shows how strong we are as a people. August 2 makes it one full year since the PPP/C was sworn into office. I am sure that thousands of my fellow Guyanese would join me when I say that the Government has done a lot which deserves recognition and applause. It is time we give just that unto them.
However, we cannot simply forget the journey we took to get to this point. In March 2020, we had our elections. We can all agree that that election period was tense and the five months that followed were just stressful to say the least. That entire period along with the 5 years that preceded it allowed us to distinguish between what a Government for the people looks like, and what a government for themselves looks like.
One thing was revealed throughout that period; the APNU/AFC coalition has no regard for anyone but themselves, not even their supporters. They kept on lying and deceiving their supporters saying that they won the elections even when the recount showed that the PPP/C won. To date, they continue to spew lies and propaganda to score cheap political points with their supporters, holding out that they won the elections last year. We all know that they did not win but what they did was try to rig the elections more than once.
I recall clearly that the coalition tried to get Mr Mingo, the Returning Officer of Region 4, to declare that they won. No one that was present could corroborate the figures Mr Mingo presented and not even the Statement of Polls could reflect what he was saying. The PPP/C released their Statements of Poll, but the coalition kept theirs hidden only because they knew it would reveal that they lost the elections.
We had a whole debacle with the declaration of the results that led to the courts many times. It even got to the point where the coalition got their supporters to file injunctions to stop GECOM from declaring the results. It was protest after protest, it was chaos day and night, and even up to now with all the courts declaring that the votes were valid and the recount figures are correct, the coalition continues to be petty and refuses to recognise the PPP/C Government as legitimate.
Nonetheless, despite the propaganda and misinformation that are being peddled daily, the PPP/C has remained steadfast in their approach to good governance. This past year has been a good one for the PPP/C as their accomplishments are seen in every part of the country. There are infrastructural works ongoing, there are projects being undertaken regularly, education is being prioritised, healthcare and COVID-19 is being focused on heavily. Indigenous peoples are being recognised and vulnerable and minority groups are being provided with initiatives to help themselves. I applaud the Government for how they handled the first year and I look forward to their second year in office.

Brian Azore