Treasonous calls for violence against Govt must be condemned

Dear Editor,
Threats were made against a sitting one-time president, resulting in major shakeup of law enforcement, even banishment of a crime chief.
Now the threat of deadly violence, including beheading, against four sitting members of government, including the president, all of one ethnicity, is viewed as ‘flimsy accusation’ and an attack against free speech, with the facilitator deemed a ‘political prisoner’ against the manifestation and emergence of a ‘police state’ and ‘fascist state’. (May 28). Words certainly come easy.
So, is it alright to make calls of violence against sitting members of a legal government? During the five-month elections imbroglio and shenanigans, no calls were made for violence against those who steadfastly clung to power. So why now?
The treasonous calls for violence against sitting members of a legal government must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. No spin – racial, political or otherwise – can change that. Those who aided, abetted, and facilitated this call must be held responsible and made to account.

Shamshun Mohamed