Speed Capital Commission coaches begin work with local athletes

Sport Minister Charles Ramson jr. taking a photo opportunity with the Speed Capital Commission coaches, athletes and other stakeholders present at Wednesday’s activity

A group of international coaches from the Speed Capital Commission yesterday began a rigid vetting and training process with a large group of track and field athletes with an aim to hone and improve their skills.

Sport Minister Charles Ramson jr

The Speed Capitol Commission coaches, which are said to be focused on youth athletes’ development, have been brought in by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport for a three-day programme with athletes aged 11 to 22 years old.
The group of four coaches comprises Speed Capital President/CEO Luke Robinson, Senior Vice-President and Olympic Coach (For Erriyon Knighton) Jonathan Terry, Vice-President Earl Smith, and Head Track Coach/Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach Shelton Guilyard.

Speed Capital Commission President/CEO, Luke Robinson

The programme commenced on Wednesday at the National Track and Field Centre (NTFC) at Leonora, WCD, where Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. spoke of the reason for bringing in the coaches.
“Decoding of the talent development process was imperative for us to figure out how we’re going to take our talent to that world class level. Ultimately, that is the objective for any Government, where they want to see, if they’re making any investment, the investment has to lead you somewhere. There’s a big gap and a big step that needs to be taken from where you are a very good athlete to becoming a great athlete,” the Sport Minister related.
Ramson jr. went on to share, “We felt that it was important if we’re going to take the talent to the highest level, which is where we all want to go. Now, we felt that, because there is that gap, we have to bring down these coaches who have that expertise. They have the track record, and they could continuously engage with us, both the athlete side as well as the coaching side, so that they can transfer that information.”

Speed Capital Commission coaches, Charles Ramson Jr., DoS Steve Ninvalle, and other stakeholders engaging the youth athletes

President of the Speed Capital Commission, Luke Robinson, told the young athletes of the opportunities that their group can offer, while encouraging them to take advantage of the investment being made.
“We are now proud to say that we have events scheduled in over 5 countries around the world, and over 4 events per annum. So those championship-style events that we do conduct, the individuals that are in this programme that we’re creating now, we will be sending invites for you guys to compete in Toronto Canada, Orlando Florida, Nassau Bahamas. So we look forward to you guys progressing throughout the programme, and then being able to test that new level that you’ve achieved,” he disclosed.
Robinson went on to urge the group, “In truth, there’s a massive amount of potential here, and you guys just need to tap into it on a consistent basis. Believe in yourself like we believe in you. This is a huge investment from your country, from your government, from the people that value and care for you and want the absolute best for you. Don’t let that go to waste, take advantage, because there’s tons of countries, tons of cities where this investment is not being made. I can assure you of that.”
Quizzed about expectations for the outcome of the programme, the Sport Minister’s response indicated that he was looking beyond development to an entire cultural shift in the athletics arena.
“What I want to see, what my expectation is, is that they’ll see a shift in culture for the entire organization, which is specifically track and field athletes, coaches, persons involved in administration; and then that will then move our national conversation, so that everybody is aware of what needs to be done, what we’re doing, and then support it. So, it goes back to the sustainability standpoint.”
The Speed Capital Commission coaches’ work with the Guyanese athletes will continue tomorrow, and is expected to be wrapped up on Friday. However, the Sport Minister mentioned the possibility of having the group return in about two months’ time for additional work with the local group.