“Try understand and see the positive side” – Maximo slams critics

Golden Jaguars Head Coach Marcio Maximo is pretty confident about the team’s chances going forward after their 4-0 win on Tuesday afternoon. However, what the coach is not pleased about is the criticism that the National Team programme has been receiving.

Golden Jags Head Coach Marcio Maximo

Visibly elated that Guyana’s Senior Men’s National Team was able to bounce back from an initial loss to Trinidad and Tobago, Maximo took the opportunity, at a virtual post-match press conference on Wednesday, to address much more than the team’s performance.
“Sometimes I don’t understand why people want to create cries or destroy the programme; because don’t destroy myself, it destroys the programmes! It destroys the players; that’s more important than anything. That’s why sometimes I would like to understand, because everything that we are doing here we are doing clearly, totally clearly. Nothing is moved, nothing is behind,” Maximo lamented.
The Head Coach proceeded to plead with persons to see the positive aspects of the programme by stressing, “Try understand and see the positive side. Try understand and see what you are doing, what the players are getting, especially players that never had opportunity like now. Try see the positive side; because any system, any programme, any situation has another side too, but if you give priority for bad part or bad side, you never grow up!”

Omari Glasgow celebrating his first international goal for the Golden Jags

Nonetheless, with two more World Cup Qualifying games coming up in June and the remainder of the CONCACAF Nations League, Maximo highlighted that selection is not subjective, and he is confident that the team would do well.
“Coach just select players, but players should show themselves that they have conditions to be selected! It is more important. And I think that they understood the message, and I hope that they follow for next rounds,” the National Team boss shared.
Maximo added, “I repeat: you have three finals, two against St Kitts and Puerto Rico, and one against Guatemala, and I’m sure that the group will do well.”
What can be expected of the Golden Jaguars in June? It is a young team, but Maximo believes this is a working trend in the Region.
“For play football today you should be fast, you should be dynamic. All teams everywhere, even in the Caribbean, they reinforce their groups with young players. We cannot be different,” the Head Coach divulged.
Meanwhile, for National team debutant Omari Glasgow, the two-game experience has been a refreshing one.
“It has been great so far! Atmosphere has been great, and I love the challenge with the team,” the 17-year-old shared at the same media engagement on Wednesday.
In anticipation of Guyana’s next set of games, Glasgow campaigned for more support, and promised the team would excel.
“I just want to say thanks for all the support from the fans and my family in Guyana. Although we didn’t get a win against Trinidad, we still got a bounce back against Bahamas, so I just wanna say thanks for the support. Continue supporting the team and we’ll make you proud in the upcoming matches in June,” Glasgow declared.
The Golden Jaguars will complete their Group games on June 4 and 8 against St Kitts and Nevis and Puerto Rico at a yet to be determined location, in hopes of making it to the next round of the competition.