Under God, “One Guyana” is united and free

Dear Editor,
It is, and will be, “One Guyana” under God, united and free. This is our theme, this is our motto, One People! One Nation! One Destiny!
Last Friday, our nation saw the manifestation of that oneness when we stood united as “One Guyana”, an indivisible whole. In this way, we will stand triumphant over any obstacle that may come our way.
On Friday, 1st December Anno Domini 2023, the International Court’s ruling ordered Venezuela not to take any action that interferes with Guyana’s control over the Essequibo; and, further, urged Caracas to respect international law.
It was a unanimous decision by the court, something we had expected; nevertheless, we echo the terms of that ruling loud and clear to all in Venezuela.
We are not totally out of the woods yet, but already we resound the theme, “Thanks be to God Almighty! Thanks be to Allah, Jah, or Om Namah Shivaya! Again, we say, “Thanks to The Divine One”.
We look forward to building on that platform of peace, togetherness, and progress as we move forward into the future.

Neil Adams