Your Eyewitness confesses he’s been binge watching “The Crown”, which delves in great depth into the life and times of the present British monarch, Elizabeth II. His interest was initially piqued by getting a behind-the-scenes-look at the goings on in the upper reaches of old Blighty – as they ruled us as part of an empire on which the sun was about to set. Among so many other things, he was struck by how nonchalantly the members of the Royal Family could get whatever their hearts desired – houses, trips, horses, clothes…with no worries about where the money was coming from.
And this was just after WWII when the rest of Britain still needed ration cards for stuff like sugar – which they secured from us with the “Commonwealth Sugar Agreement” of 1951!! Well, it looks like the PNC inherited more than just the reins of parliamentary governance from Britain. From the just-released revelation on former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, they also seemed to’ve picked up the monarchical entitlement to use the public purse as their personal piggy bank!!
Did you get a look at her palatial mansion that’s about to be completed at Eccles? Evocative of Buckingham Palace, don’t you think?? Well, we’re pre-oil Guyana, but you see where they’re headed, don’t you?? But just as important, did you get a look at the house where the Minister lived with a hive of relatives just two years ago?? Gives a whole new perspective on the “rags to riches” homily: more like the fairy godmother trope where a wand is waved and – voila!! – your wishes come true!!
What’s going on? Let’s start with the land on which the palace materialised. Just three months ago, the Minister offered a sob story about how she applied for a houselot under the previous Administration – and never got one. Now let’s say the tale is true: after all, around the same time the CH&PA had bemoaned the 25,000 backlog in houselot applications.  So, can the goodly minister explain which fairy godfather waved his wand for her to jump to the head of the line?? Like those other PNC worthies revealed some time ago??
At the time the Minister insisted she received “just” a regular houselot of ¼ acre. Now you know even if it was ¼ acre, this ain’t no regular houselot – but actually TWO!! Then when you look at the drone video, you realise she got more than three lots!! And then the mansion, studded with windows and high, vaulted roofs! The Minister claimed she took out a mortgage!! Really??
Her Junior Minister salary can service a $50 million mortgage – after income taxes are deducted?? Voila!!

…by the PNC
Stunned by the US analyst, Dr Evan Ellis’ considered insider’s opinion – after interviewing folks from all the stakeholder groups in Guyana, including the Govt – that the PPP will win the next elections, the PNC flew into a hissy fit!! Talk about getting your bucktas into a knot!! As your Eyewitness described yesterday, they “washed their mouths” on the poor expert who was just doing his job.
The US Embassy responded that the opinion was given by “Professor Ellis last April before his employment with the US State Department”. But wasn’t he then employed by the UN National War College and was here gathering data? And has anything changed since, to make him change the opinion he would’ve given the State Department after they employed him?
But the PNC should take note of the pointed, concluding observation by the US Embassy: they want “free, fair and PEACEFUL elections”!!  “Free and fair” we all know. But “PEACEFUL”??
That’s a warning to the PNC which rioted after the elections of 1992, 1997, 2001, 2006, etc…when they lost!!

…Group 77 Chair
The country’s still waiting for an explanation from the PNC for degutting our Foreign Service just to buttress a former lowly UN translator functionary’s ego. Ten-Pow never held a substantive UN diplomatic post in his life.
Oh judgement….!