Unidentified miner missing after boat collides with rock in Mazaruni River

An unidentified miner is now feared dead following a boat mishap at Gatie Falls, Semang Creek, Middle Mazaruni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
Police in a release stated that on the day in question at about 08:30h, the boat captain, 41-year-old Garfield Benn of Tassarene Village, Issano, Mazaruni River, boarded a wooden vessel powered by a 75 HP outboard engine along with five occupants.
Two of the occupants were identified as 43-year-old Griffith Joseph Fredericks and 47-year-old Kenneth Tancredo, both of Seventh Field, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD). The identities of the three others are yet to be ascertained.
However, the six men departed Long Island, Middle Mazaruni River, and travelled to Semang Creek. Upon arriving at the location, they stopped at Semang Landing and later continued their journey.
Police stated that sometime after leaving the landing, the captain experienced a problem with his leg and as such, one of the occupants took control of the vessel.
It was reported that whilst navigating the boat in the vicinity of Gatie Falls, the boat’s engine collided with a rock. As a result, the occupants were thrown overboard. Five of the men managed to swim to shore but the sixth did not surface.
A search party was formed and a search was conducted in the area but it came up empty-handed. The matter was reported to the Police who subsequently joined the search party.
Back in February, a miner commonly known only as “Brother Ken” reportedly drowned at Matouk Falls, Cuyuni River, in another river mishap.
It was reported that “Brother Ken”, who hailed from Karau Village, Mazaruni River, was shuttling fuel with a metal boat powered by two 75 HP Yamaha outboard engines.
On his return journey after offloading the fuel, one of the engines developed a mechanical problem, thus causing the boat to start drifting while at the same time taking in water.
As such, “Brother Ken” reportedly went to the bow of the boat and attempted to tie the boat to a nearby rock, but while doing so, he allegedly slipped and fell overboard. His body was found a few days later.