Unreasonableness of M&CC

Dear Editor,
We are dismayed to note the persistence of the paid parking lot run by the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown, next door to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on East Street.
This is a travesty, as all paid parking proposals that were brought under the last regime were effectively opposed by Guyanese, and were discarded as a result. This one has escaped attention from those that had opposed the others. It is particularly heinous at this time of COVID-19, when our healthcare professionals are putting their lives and their families’ lives at risk to help and treat those infected with COVID-19, and they have to pay a huge amount to park at their workplace.
This arrangement that the Mayor and City Council has should be rescinded with immediate effect. This parking lot was constructed at the initiative of Mr. Bharat Jagdeo as free parking for all those needing to park in and around GPHC. The Mayor and City Council appropriated this lot without having invested anything. The barriers should immediately be removed, as they are an offence to public sensibilities and a reminder of the misguided paid parking scheme.
If this parking lot is opened up, it will also ease the traffic situation on East Street between Lamaha and Middle Streets, Georgetown.

Sarah Williams