A continuation of retrogression

Dear Editor,
It came as no surprise that the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) could have voted down the Hinterland Indigenous Development Plan. Shocking I would say, but certainly not surprising, because this is consistent with their behaviour both in and out of Government.
Their stance against our Amerindian brothers and sisters shows a total lack of respect for our First Peoples, so we are not in the least taken aback by this latest approach.
If we were to take a peek back in history, we will get the clear picture of APNU’s contempt for our Indigenous Peoples. For starters, let us talk about scholarships and other Government-funded developmental projects. The results show there was no one of Amerindian ancestry in the medical profession prior to 1992. That means that no Amerindian was eligible for a Government scholarship, which tells you that APNU/PNC did not see our First Peoples as material for higher learning. Quite a backward and retrograde thinking on their part.
At the close of the PPP/C’s tenure in office in 2011, thankfully, there were 100 trained Amerindian doctors. It shows the difference of Government, who cares and value the contribution of all the races of this great country, and not just a partisan few.
But if you think that was bad, just take a look at the last five years and you will hear the asinine comment of PNC Minister Keith Scott, unabashedly making the remark that “the Amerindians are too greedy,” and this was in response to them asking for some more money to be placed into their hinterland communities.
Amerindians were met with the bluntest response ever. I cannot find appropriate words to describe them other than to say that they are reprobates and wicked souls of the worst order.
The firing of over 2,000 Amerindian CDC workers who were earning a salary at minimum wage level, all of this was done under the APNU/AFC Government, all in an ongoing campaign of spite. So, you will see why I said that the latest vote against Amerindian development comes as no surprise to us, these moves are consistent with the Opposition’s retrogressive posture.

Neil Adams