US-based Guyanese to represent Guyana at Mister Universe Pageant

Guyana’s representative to the Mister Universe Pageant, Rakesh Permaul

Rakesh Permaul is set to represent Guyana at the Mister Universe Pageant in Panama next month.
The participation of this 30-year-old, US-based Guyanese has been made possible following the acquisition of the franchise by local designer Dexter Gardener, who is no stranger to pageantry, having represented Guyana in the Mister Grand International pageant in 2021.
Born in Crabwood Creek, Corentyne Berbice and raised by his parents – his father being a cane cutter and his mother a housewife – Rakesh Permaul, the youngest of six siblings, migrated to Florida eight years ago, but has never forgotten his roots. He considers the ethnic situation in Guyana as a melting pot of six races united as one, and he feels the need to promulgate Guyana’s rich cultural heritage, since it is a trademark of any Guyanese wherever they may venture.
A truly down-to-earth man, Rakesh Permaul admits that he is a work in progress, and while he has never been involved in pageantry, he knows that this platform, “Environmental Sustainability”, would definitely enable him to serve his motherland and simultaneously propel his self-development journey. It has always been his dream to represent his country on an international stage.
Permaul, who hopes to promote Guyana at the 7th edition of this pageant, firmly believes the world would be enlightened by his embracing this grand opportunity to expose his country’s biodiversity in terms of its breathtaking flora and extraordinary fauna.

Mister Universe Guyana, Rakesh Permaul, and local franchise holder Dexter Gardener

Gardener, meanwhile, is convinced that Guyanese have what it takes to place on the international stage, but this can happen only with the undying support of their fellow citizens. He added that male pageantry has long been a topic of controversy in many cultures and societies, including our own. It is widely believed that men who participate in pageantry are effeminate, and this notion often results in social stigma and discrimination. Additionally, male pageantry has long been overshadowed by female pageantry, and this has led to the perception that male pageants are less significant than their female counterparts.
Gardener hopes to break the stigma attached to male pageantry, and is hoping that the addition of this pageant can aid in so doing. This journey, he believes, would help to change the Guyanese attitude towards male pageantry, and to show that male beauty pageants can be empowering and provide opportunities for men to showcase their talents and achievements.
Permaul was handpicked by Gardener, since there was limited time to host the local leg of the pageant.
Though the representative was not selected through a local competition this year, Gardener is hoping to do things differently next year, when he plans to host a local competition so that Guyanese men can have the chance to compete for the title of Mister Universe Guyana, and move on to represent Guyana at the international pageant.