US deportee executed in front of Middle Road home

A Guyanese who was deported from the United States some 10 years ago was on Sunday evening executed in front of his Middle Road, East La Penitence, Georgetown home.

Murdered: Clinton Chase

The dead man has been identified as 70-year-old Clinton Chase of Lot 148 Middle Road. Based on reports received, the now-dead man returned home from the Kingston Seawall about 22:30h and was greeted by the gunman who was reportedly in his home.
One of his sons, “Shacka” told Guyana Times that his father lived alone at the house for the past eight years. He explained that he was informed about the shooting just after 22:00h and rushed to his father’s house.
“When I reach, I see meh old man lying in front of the gate… like he de just reach home and was about to open the gate when the person opened fire…the neighbours say that they hear bullets ringing out and after it stopped, they looked out and saw the old man on the ground…,” he said.
He added that at the time of the shooting, the area had a power failure so all the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the area were off. The grieving son related that from all indications, the person was in his father’s home waiting on him.
“We ain’t know is how much ah dem’ but it look like they jump the back fence to get into the yard… there is an alleyway at the back so that is where they come from… my father get shoot on he chest, arm’ leg and head.”
He could not say what could be a possible motive for the shooting, but he was sure that the person (s) who killed his father would be found. He ruled out robbery as a possible motive as all the contents of the house were intact.
Police stated that one of the dead man’s granddaughters related that she was at her home when she received a phone call from an unknown number, with the person on the other end of the line informing her that Chase had fallen off his motorcycle in front of his house.
But the son noted, ‘is shoot them shoot he… was no accident… whoever it was wanted him dead, because he was shot in the head as well”.
The granddaughter related that upon arriving at the scene, she saw her grandfather lying motionless on his back. The Police were already at the scene and based on reports, wounds were seen on Chase’s jaw, arm, and chest.
He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Police stated that an investigation was launched into the incident.