Utility companies conspiring to run us mad

Dear Editor,
There is an old Greek philosophy which states: Whom the gods may wish to destroy, they run them mad first.
In modern civilisation, the supply of electricity along with Internet and a reliable telephone service are paramount for decent survival and development of a country.
Guyanese based overseas, visitors and investors, would have a serious dilemma adjusting to our primitive service by these two giant entities.
Both of them have no respect for their customers. They are sluggish in responding to emergencies and at times, as I am proving in a matter with the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), may be involved in eternal conspiracy to defraud the customer.
The same GPL will install a prepaid meter and the contractors/employees will not remove the postpaid meter that was there. This may be due to an attempt to blackmail and defraud the customer at a later date. Or it may merely be due to incompetence and not human error, for GPL employees are more interested, in my opinion, in conspiracies and fraud against customers.
As it stands at the moment, I am personally involved in a matter where some GPL contractors/employees/former employees, were involved in trying to defraud me and my company at a property we managed in Canje Street, Campbellville. They were arrested in a sting operation coordinated by my company and the Police. My understanding is that to date, they have not been charged. Also, I do believe that the Police did not conduct a thorough investigation by canvassing the area to build a bigger case and by failing to publish the photographs in the newspapers to invite others who may have been defrauded or attempts were made to defraud them.
In fairness to GTT, I must state that they have never been involved in any case of fraud but their bureaucracy, obviously, is too humongous and it appears that they have a tendency of losing control due to the monopoly or semi monopoly that they enjoy, similar to that of GPL.
GPL has scant regard for its customers. It is always a nightmare to visit their offices for anything.
The constant blackouts of GPL, are definitely in my opinion, an attempt to discourage support of the coalition Government. Also, I do believe that their inconsistency, bureaucratic corruption and confusion, along with fraudulent schemes against people, point to this fact.
The constant blackouts have become a nightmare for people in industry and commerce. Students have to revert to old style hand lamps and wall lamps and in some cases, rechargeable lamps. This is an unfair and burdensome reality, particularly for persons struggling to make ends meet.
In reference to GPL and the arrest of their fraudulent contractors/employees, to date, they have not approached us for any information. It is the opinion of this writer that they should be happy when citizens help them capture bandits within their authority, and should work closely with the people, with the customers and the Police. I expect GPL to be much more proactive against their employees and not to be proactive in just merely setting up customers or trying to inconvenience their lives.
GPL, as a result of its monopoly, is like one big beast that survives on the flesh and blood of those it needs to survive… its customers! They are always looking and visiting certain people with a hope to drive fear and terror in their hearts, and create ludicrous charges and claims against them to improve on their money garnering possibilities.
I wish to state that this is the one time where I tend to agree with Freddie Kissoon, columnist of Kaieteur News, who stated that: GPL is one organisation which will help to bring down the current coalition Government. Please note that the previous sentence was an indirect quote.
It is my view that GPL, like all businesses, needs to honour its honourable customers. This writer has had many problems with GPL that it hurts his heart. For a man who always tries to live in dignity and honour, GPL, on more than one occasion, has tried to create embarrassment and to eke money out of me wrongfully. As the big carnivore, despite being given evidence and facts, it refused to accept and continues to drink human blood in this country.
I know the Chairman, Robert Badal, as one of principle and dignity. I invite him to select professional person/persons to sit and listen to all my matters, some of which are in the courts, which I had to resort to, and others.
I really do hope to see a change soon. It has been too long.

Roshan Khan
RK’s Security Services