Vendors outside Stabroek Market to be temporarily relocated

Some 400 vendors who ply their trade around the Stabroek Market area, in down town Georgetown, will be temporarily relocated as City Hall launches a clean-up exercise in the area.
The vendors were called to a meeting on Thursday morning at the Georgetown City Council where they were informed of plans to have them temporarily relocated.
Town Clerk Royston King told the vendors that the move was part of an overarching plan to secure the integrity and health of the Stabroek Market and the surrounding areas.
In the agreement, it was stated that a “massive clean-up” exercise will take place on Sunday May 1 and vendors, who have stalls in the municipal markets, were asked to return and occupy those stalls. Should these vendors fail to do so,it will result in the “repossession of those facilities.”

Hundreds of vendors who will be temporarily relocated from Stabroek Market Square and its immediate environs
Hundreds of vendors who will be temporarily relocated from Stabroek Market Square and its immediate environs

King noted that vendors who are operating around the Stabroek Market will be relocated at a vacant lot South of Parliament Buildings.
“Vendors, who are plying their trade at the Stabroek Market Square and contiguous areas would be temporarily relocated to a plot of land South of the Parliament Buildings. The Council would provide lighting, 24-hour security, and sanitary facilities,” the Council added.
The Town Clerk noted that this move would last for four months. The empty lot where the vendors will be relocated is where one of the Royal Castle’s fast food outlets once stood on Hadfield and Lombard Streets.
At the meeting, King told stakeholders that land is adequate to take off all of the vendors especially those who are on the immediate periphery of the square. He also noted that the Stabroek Market Square location is “very iconic” and rich in history and as such, “a new set of energies” need to be created so that its beauty can emanate.
On the converse, some vendors related that they would be affected by the move while others deemed it “unfair” and likened the proposal to “disrespect”. Concerns were also raised with regard to the plot of land identified for relocation. Some questioned if there would indeed have enough space for everyone to ply their trade.
In City Council’s statement however, it said that all vendors present supported the plans.