Venezuelan woman murdered, body buried in shallow grave

The body of a Venezuelan woman was on Tuesday found in a shallow grave at Cores Backdam in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
The body has since been identified as 49-year-old Deissy Antury Perdomo, a clothes vendor of Eterinbang Landing, Cuyuni River. At the time of the discovery, her body bore multiple chop wounds. The shallow grave measured about 4feet wide, and was covered with mud and dry leaves.

Dead: Deissy Antury Perdomo

Perdomo, who had also been a pork-knocker, had worked along with two Venezuelan men and her reputed husband, Vladimir Marquez. Police have said that on April 22, the woman’s reputed husband travelled back to Venezuela.
However, upon his return to Guyana on Tuesday, he was unable to contact his wife. He became alarmed, and a search party was established to look for the woman. During the search, the team stumbled upon the woman’s body.
Police investigations have thus far revealed that, on April 23, the now dead woman and the two Venezuelan coworkers were seen leaving the backdam, heading to Eteringbang Landing, where they were later seen shopping together and consuming alcohol.
On the same date, Perdomo and the two men were again seen heading into the backdam towards the direction of their camp. That was the last time the woman had been seen alive.
Police have made checks for the two Venezuelan men, but based on information received, they have left Guyana for Venezuela. The woman’s reputed husband has been taken into custody, and is assisting with the investigation.