Vic Persaud loved serving country

Dear Editor,
I knew Vic Persaud from the time he first became Chief of Protocol to the first of all the Presidents of Guyana whom he served. I have long regarded him as the very finest of public servants who have ever served our country, and probably ever will.
As our President, in honouring Vic at the Brickdam Cathedral farewell for him, so aptly described him, he was an “exceptional professional with great integrity”.
Vic remained at his post much much longer than he needed to have done, because he simply loved serving his country, and Guyana will always thank him and remember him. They say “no one is irreplaceable”. In the case of Vic Persaud, the service he gave his country, and the manner in which he gave it, disproves that rule.
My deepest sympathy to his wife, his children, and all of his family. I thank you for sharing Vic with us. May he rest in peace.

Yours sincerely,
Kit Nascimento