Romello Crawford declared official winner of National Senior Road Race

– GCF rules after UCI review

The Guyana Cycling Federation has just completed the Senior National Cycling Championships, which ended in controversy. After a review of the proceedings, Romello Crawford has been declared winner of the Senior National Cycling Championships for 2021.
After the review of Sunday’s Road Race was done by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the Guyana Cycling Federation forthwith complied with the ruling. Briton John was thus relegated to fourth place and has been fined $20,000.

Part of the action that caused the controversy

The cyclists assembled for the start of the race at the Banks DIH Rotunda Square at Thirst Park, and the race commenced at 07:30 hrs. The race proceeded along the East Bank road to the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway, and turned around at Kuparuni for the return to Banks DIH for the finish. There were 22 participants, but 9 completed the race.

Romello Crawford is the 2021 Senior National Cycling Champion

During the sprint to the finish line in the last few kilometres, an infringement occurred which resulted in a protest being lodged by two (2) of the four (4) cyclists.

Unofficial Results:
* Briton John 4:17:07
* Romello Crawford
* Paul DeNobrega
* Christopher Griffith
* Walter Grant-Stuart 4:17:20
* Deeraj Gharbarran 4:20:35
* Adealie Hodge 4:29:03
* Curtis Dey
* Jamual John
On reviewing the finish at the line and the footage from the rear cameras, it became evident that Briton John started the sprint and deviated from his line on multiple occasions, resulting in him obstructing the other competitors during the sprint.

GCF Racing Secretary Malcolm Sonaram

In a report submitted by the Racing Secretary of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF), Malcom Sonaram, it was said, “I asked Mr. Andrew Arjoon, who was the second Commissaire at the event, to join me in reviewing the camera footage, and he declined, as two (2) of the cyclists involved were from his club and (his reviewing of the footage) may be deemed a conflict of interest. I acknowledged, and proceeded to Mr. Joseph Britton to pass on the information. The media intercepted me and questioned about the decision, and I offered based on my position as a Commissaire.

The GCF and the riders in deep discussion on Sunday

I stated that based on the protest by the cyclists, Romello Crawford and Paul DeNobrega, I reviewed the finish line and rear camera footage which revealed Briton John deviating from his line on multiple occasions and, as such, based on UCI Rules, the prescribed penalty would…and a fine.
“However, I stated that this would be his third offence, and, as such, I implemented the last clause of the penalty, which was a disqualification and fine.”

Upon review by the Guyana Cycling Federation President Linden Dowridge, it was agreed upon that new results would be recognised as the official results, and disciplinary measures which have been decided upon in accordance with the UCI rules and regulations would be upheld. After the review, it was ruled that John had breached the rules and was relegated to fourth place and fined G$20,000. Hence the official results now read Crawford finishing in a time of 4:17:07, followed by DeNobrega, Griffith, John, Grant-Stuart (4:17:20), Deeraj Gharbarran (4:20:35), Adealie Hodge (4:29:03), Curtis Dey and Jamaul John.