WCD Gas Station pump attendants to be charged with larceny

Two female pump attendants, attached to Alpha Petroleum Gas Station at Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara (WCD), are expected to be charged with larceny by clerk or servant after they were accused of stealing over $130,000 from their employer.

Police said that the incident occurred just about 19:17h on Wednesday during a power outage.

Enquires disclosed that there was a sudden power outage which lasted for about five minutes, during which the two pump attendants claimed that a male rode up on a bicycle and carried out the robbery before making good his escape. Some $132,796.00 was taken during the course of the robbery which was committed by an unidentifiable male.

The Police said that the pump attendants did not report the matter to the authorities rather they informed the neighbour about 10 minutes after the incident and took another amount of time before they called the proprietor.

The duo was placed in custody based on investigations carried out and are expected to be charged with larceny by clerk or servant.