We must never forget our common heritage

Dear Editor,

On this historic day May 26th 2016, the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) joins with our brothers and sisters in our blessed land in observing the 50th Anniversary of our nation’s Independence.

As we move forward as a nation, we pay homage to those who worked and sacrificed to win our freedom and national identity. All Guyanese should cherish this gift of God of a free and democratic society, rich in diversity, culture and traditions.

We thank our Government for their efforts in energizing our people on this our Independence, so that we can strengthen the patriotic spirit that is so necessary to achieve cohesion and nation building. We must never forget that our allegiance is owed to justice for all, service to our fellow man and upholding the rights of all Guyanese.

It is the fervent hope and prayer of the CIOG, that from this day onward our Guyanese people should work in harmony to ensure that future generations can inherit a land of united people, with dignity, respect for all and a pride of being Guyanese.

As we move forward, let us eliminate the concept of division by religion, class, race and other means used to discriminate.

As Guyanese we must never forget our common heritage, as our nation will have to determine our destiny.

Guyana is a great country, and today the CIOG implores all Guyanese brothers and sisters to renew our faith with the certain hope, that by doing the right thing God Almighty will crown our efforts with success.


Central Islamic

Organisation of

Guyana (CIOG)