What happens…

…after the recount?
On the premise that “time is longer than twine”, your Eyewitness figures there will have to be an end to this recount; but it’ll definitely be later, rather than sooner! Even though we’re lurching dangerously towards that cliff where “no man’s land” begins, it does look like GECOM – meaning Chairman Claudette – might be tacking on another 16 days to her arbitrary 25-day deadline to complete the recount. So, no matter how you slice it, dice it, or purée it, we’re gonna be right back where it all began: waiting for the Reg 4 numbers to be completed, since Madame Chair has stuck doggedly to deploying teams who’ve completed the smaller Regions other than Reg 4.
So, can we expect some sort of Deus ex machina effect like the one Mingo pulled at Ashmin’s? Deja vu all over again? You know, like putting in a thumb and pulling out a plum. Nah…there won’t be any need for that, cause the stage has already been set to ensure we don’t get that result for a very, very long time! After all, when you have some 450,000 persons voting and the PNC claims – through the peripatetic Lt Col (ex) Joe Harmon – that they have unearthed 86,000 instances of “anomalies” in the ballot boxes, you know that “things na regula”! And many of them were literally “unearthed”, since they claim may dead persons voted!
Now, dear reader, you might be saying that since the Chair has already said that “he who asserts must prove”, the PNC have their work cut out for them. But that just means you haven’t been paying attention!! After stoutly insisting they have all the proof of their assertions about migrants and the dead voting, as well as the disenfranchisement of all 8000 Disciplined Forces members who voted – and who’re all staunch PNC supporters, according to the good ex-Lt Col – PNC executive Aubrey Norton just stepped up to the crease to declare it’s the responsibility of GECOM to check out these claims.
And if we are to go by the history of Chairman Claudette, you know there’s never been a demand by the PNC when she doesn’t bend backwards to accommodate them. You’d think she was a limbo dancer in her earlier life, rather than a member of the Bench!! Remember H2H?? No need for it, but let’s MERGE the data so that the PNC get what they wanted!! Mingo’s declaration is illegal since she twice flouted the High Court’s instruction to show the SOPs?? Let’s hold his declaration IN ABEYANCE!
So, your Eyewitness is willing to bet dollars to donuts that Chairman Claudette will cut the baby in half once again!!

…to reason?
Your Eyewitness never fails to be shocked – not at how supposedly rational human beings would allow their reason to flee when their interests are affected – but at how they’ll try to justify their irrational reactions with “reason”!! Let’s take another look at what’s playing out in the political arena. And no…it’s not the rigging of the elections in front of everyone’s noses using the Mingo Manoeuvre; it’s really about getting our electoral system right!! We ought to be grateful to the PNC for sacrificing themselves to this most worthwhile cause – for the nation!!
Never mind that the PNC won the 2015 elections with the same system, the same list, the same GECOM staff etc. All those things are horribly and irretrievably corrupted by the PPP, who’ve gamed the system so that they’ll always win, regardless. The system is unfair to the PNC; the list is “bloated”; the GECOM staff are corrupted etc.
So how come the PPP still lost in 2015??
Go to the back of the class!! You don’t understand the enigma of irrational reasoning!!

…When the money runs out?
Granger has just made a stirring appeal for some money to be thrown our way, so his Government can “fight COVID”. Finishing Ocean View Hotel?
But what about our “sovereignty”??