What is different?

Dear Editor,
The constant disrespect of the rule of law, pedestrians and fellow motorists, and some seeking to fulfill their selfish financial obligations are no different.
Without a doubt, the route 45 bus park is situated at a critical point, and all the drivers operating there know that quite a few blatantly throw all caution aside and would stop the flow of traffic, disregarding the horns and people’s cries, and full their buses in the middle of the road, stopping the flow of traffic, and in some cases preventing pedestrians from traversing.
Passing there yesterday, I witnessed this atrocious behaviour, and even though I and others write repeatedly about this lawlessness, I would again elaborate on this ongoing failure that affects countless persons daily.
Stabroek is an area known for criminal elements who carry out their fearful acts daily, and there are many factors contributing. Many, including myself, have offered suggestions, some were temporarily used and some weren’t. Editor, the Christmas season is here, and, as usual, the Guyana Police Force have quickly rushed to the podium and announced their glorious plans to combat criminal activities and traffic congestion.
While that sounded wonderful, I’ve started to find this very comical because, for the whole year, the same lawless acts keep occurring daily, but with the season, there’s always the expectation that a huge increase would occur, and despite what is said by the GPF, the lawlessness prevails.
Because the route 45 bus park is located at a critical point, it’s considered somewhat of a bottleneck, and any little mistake causes confusion to reign there. So, when there are huge traffic buildups, commuters are prevented from traversing, and the pickpocket, chain/bag snatchers and choke-robbers get a payday.
I find it very embarrassing that the GPF know of this constant nonsense and don’t have the vision to relocate that particular park, or mandate that more than one rank be stationed along that street. If the GPF were conscientiously executing their duties, this ridiculous nonsense would not have been occurring daily.
Finally, Editor, a while back, cameras were installed around the Stabroek Market area with the intention of being viewed daily, thus easing society of the various shenanigans occurring daily. I waited in vain to hear that those cameras were helping to ease the situation, but I have become frustrated after asking around and hearing the same negative response.
I have now abandoned all hope of praising the Police for addressing the situation. As usual, whenever a contract is awarded in Guyana, there’s always the accusation of corruption, favouritism etc. No one had questioned the installation of those cameras around the Stabroek Market area, because while the public was not paying attention, the cameras were installed. Upon inspection, one has to question why those cameras were placed at their various locations; what feasibility studies were done in this regard.
Regarding the type of cameras installed, one has to question whether they are the standard type for this type of high-surveillance work, or whether they are more suitable for installation around a home. The tax money of hardworking Guyanese people is constantly being wasted, and we have to sit back and accept this nonsense and live in the same situation. Will we see any end to this embarrassment?

Sahadeo Bates