What is not yet said and yet to be done?

Dear Editor,
After listening to the recent sitting of Parliament, it is difficult not to notice the high level of hypocrisy expressed by some members of the Opposition in the National Assembly.
Many weeks have passed and suspects have been apprehended in the Henrys’ murder case, and a confession has been obtained, but little to no progress has been made in the Singh and Chatterpaul murder cases. Despite these facts, the APNU+AFC members are asking for justice for the Henry boys, without asking for justice in the Singh and Chatterpaul murders, with the exception of two MPs of Indian descent. Both of these MPs tried to initiate a discussion that included the Henry boys and young Haresh Singh, with the exclusion of Mr Chatterpaul.
During the many weeks after the murders, not much weight was thrown behind the investigations related to Singh and Chatterpaul. An Opposition MP of African descent speaks of social cohesion without an expressed care for what has affected and continues to affect our Indian community. The hypocrisy is clear, and the silence is deafening. The APNU+AFC cannot remain a credible option for voters who are outside the African- Guyanese community and those voters who are in support of social cohesion within our society without ensuring justice is served in both the Singh and Chatterpaul murders.
The stance that some members of the APNU+AFC have taken continues to increase racial division within our society. There is no equity in perspective on justice, nor any symbolic or credible call of “Justice For All” coming from the overall political party and its traditional supporters. It is becoming clearer to everyone where the APNU+AFC stands, and the deep-seated prejudice and hate which sits with some in the ranks of the APNU+AFC. It is unfortunate that this is their position, and it is now obvious that their party is losing relevance to the larger Guyanese population.
Where is the same level of enthusiasm and concern seen when the previous President and the Leader of APNU visited the Henry Family? It is yet to be displayed in the Singh and Chatterpaul murders.
In addition, the evident corruption that is being brought into the light by the ongoing investigations into the last administration, and the support being thrown behind those involved by the leadership of the APNU+AFC also makes it clear that the party is losing, and in some instances has lost, its moral compass. It gives the impression that, if re-elected, corruption is to be expected while it is in office.
At first I thought the rigging of the election process was an opportunity for the party to clean house and rebuild, as suggested in the press, but time is revealing to all Guyanese that the APNU+AFC lacks good intentions on several fronts, and should not be given nor trusted with another opportunity to govern any time soon. New leadership and a new holistic approach to Guyanese Society is required for the Opposition to regain any credibility before the next election. Unfortunately, I find it hard to believe that this would be possible and believable for the current APNU+AFC without implementing some major changes.
It will be telling how the subsequent sittings of Parliament go, and how much genuine effort and concern is expressed by members of the National Assembly when it comes to solving and preventing murders in the Indian community. Any proposals put forward by Parliament must be turned into action to resolve the Singh and Chatterpaul murders, while also preventing any future hate crimes from occurring in our society.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee