Young people in Guyana’s advancement

Dear Editor,
I write to you to reiterate a known fact: that young people are leading the culture of innovation, and should be permitted every opportunity to thrive and lead by example.
In every generation, a group of young persons emerges as the revolutionaries, the advocates of change, the axis of innovation, and the creative thinkers of the day. They would go on to be the changemakers within their fields, and leave their indelible footprint on humanity to inspire the next group of young people.
In Guyana, despite our challenges, we have seen a push of young people in leadership capacities in both the public and private sectors, and this augurs well for our country. The astute leadership demonstrated by young leaders in business and Government in Guyana is a mark of the advancement to come for our country. This itself is an impetus for continued focus on youth development.
With the reviving of old sectors and the emergence of new industries in Guyana, there is more than sufficient room for every young person to take their position in building a country we would not want to leave. There are opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and I believe that, as young individuals, we can collectively usher in a new era with an active approach.
The Government is doing its job, and we need to do ours to bring 2030 to 2050 innovation to Guyana. I know we can do it, because we are an optimistic and passionate group of people. Therefore, I encourage every young person to take the baton and be uplifted to bring ideas to life, to continue to expand the use of technology in every area of our lives, and to continue seeking ways of making a living and working viable in the 21st century context. There is always room for involvement, you just need to be self-aware and create it.
My aim in penning this letter is very simple. It is really to motivate my fellow young people to bring about change in what they aspire to do, so we can collectively bring sweeping innovation to this country we love. We are the ones to do it, as the generations before us have established the framework.
I applaud those who have already been doing so. Thank you for believing in Guyana enough to want to make her beautiful. This has been said before, but a reminder is always worthwhile. Let us put our minds and hearts together; let us create, let us build. Let us do so with a 2030-2050 mindset. Let us do it for Guyana, and let us do it for humanity!

Althea Hoodith