When you mess with one marine, you mess with all the marines

Dear Editor,
After a gruesome five months’ struggle to secure a legitimate declaration of the election recount result, GECOM was finally able to confirm Dr. Irfaan Ali as the newly elected President of Guyana, and the PPP/C Party as the legal winner of the general election, based on the tabulated report presented by the Caricom Team.
This was possible only after many court battles and pressure brought to bear by the national and international communities, especially the visa restrictions’ sanctions implemented by the USA through the instrumentality of the Secretary of State, Mr Mike Pompeo, and his “step aside” statement to the then caretaker President, Mr David Granger. After President Ali was sworn in, Mr Pompeo congratulated President Ali on his electoral victory, which reflected a free, fair, credible, and transparent electoral process that respects the rule of law and the will of the Guyanese people. The Secretary of State added that the United States looks forward to working with Guyana to advance shared values, economic prosperity, and security in the region.
Shortly after its installment, the new Government backed a US-led international call for the establishment of a transition Government in Venezuela, for the conduct of free and fair elections. When it did, Guyana received commendation from Pompeo himself, when Pompeo tweeted in mid-August, “Great to see Guyana adds its voice for the call to restore democracy in Venezuela.”
Additionally, the Ali Administration has supported the US in its bid for the Presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The Government had thrown its weight behind the US nominee, Mauricio Claver-Carone, who was eventually elected a few days ago, the VP Dr Jagdeo attending virtually and casting Guyana’s vote.
Help was also received from the US to fight the pandemic. With the American company Exxon embarking on its third phase in the oil and gas industry in the Payara Project, the current Government is not signing the contract and wants to engage negotiation for better terms of agreement.
It has been less than two months since the PPP/C Party took over governing this country, and immediately they went to work, wasting no time. So many hidden APNU/AFC Party secrets were revealed from their misadministration, their financial wastage; new discoveries were unearthed, and an abomination of reckless spending and mismanagement. All the departments had to be streamlined, with political appointees relieved and replaced, new board appointments announced for the different utility companies, and an adoption of a fresh approach towards proper governance for the country’s development, which included a sophisticated but innovative $330B Budget presented for the balance of the year, all within record time.
This is too shocking and surprising for the APNU/AFC Party, because it immediately reduces the burden on the nation, placing dollars in people’s pockets, a great relief measure to the private sector, and a humungous reduction in taxes, especially for the agriculture section. It is so shameful and embarrassing to the APNU/AFC Party that what they couldn’t accomplish in five years, the PPP/C Party has strategised to make possible in three months. This obviously exposed the inadequacy of the past administration, its corrupted passions, its shortcomings, and, of course, above all, the avenues whereby the pipes were liquidating the treasury.
Naturally, this didn’t sit well with them. Guyanese from all across the political divide share in this enthusiasm, and began to rejoice, but the merriment was quickly curtailed with the news of the Henry boys’ murder in West Coast Berbice. Although the motive hasn’t been established, the APNU/AFC Party leaders fuelled an uprising with racial innuendos that sparked further deaths, beatings, injuries, looting, robberies, burning, and tremendous damages to the Indian community. Despite all of this, there has not been any retaliation or retribution from the Indo-Guyanese. The Police, though, have confirmed that there was no political motive involved, and the location of discovery was the secondary crime scene and not the primary, therefore verifying that the bodies were transported and conveniently placed on the coconut estate.
It is against this background that the US Embassy has announced that the Secretary of State will be visiting Guyana during September 17/18. This will be the first time a high-ranking US official will be making an official visit. It will be recalled earlier this year, when he was meeting with Caricom and the various Heads of Government, Guyana was not invited, Mr. Granger being the caretaker President then, and engaged in thwarting democracy. Although the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Hugh Todd, did not confirm the agenda or reasons for the visit, there have been numerous speculations and eyebrows are raising throughout Guyana.
He said, “When that prepping team comes, we will have a more formal pronouncement on the details and so forth,” and he explained that there is much to be “mapped out” ahead of Pompeo’s visit. Perhaps, this has wetted the insatiable appetite of many hungry (angry) inquisitors, and is causing some pain and discomfort with many people and in many areas. Suffice to say that the insensitivity of many irrational behaviours from publicly known bullies have come under the scrutiny of diplomats from the ABCEU.
A number of APNU/AFC Party members and GECOM staff have trampled on the toes of those diplomats, causing them pain, anguish, embarrassment, distrust, and reasons for reservation. Some of them are already in court, and all of them felt that they would get away with all the miscreants and remain untouched while being securely protected and shielded by authorities. This opinion was entertained because they thought that they could have rigged the election and gotten away with their ill-doings, thereby remaining in power illegitimately.
Unfortunately, this scenario did not materialize, and when you mess with one marine, you mess with all the marines. It is said, “The evil that men/women do will live after them.” Many are spending sleepless nights, wondering and pondering, “If only!”

Jai Lall