When your bullying actions are about to be curbed

Dear Editor,
The APNU/AFC are bullies, that’s a sure fact, and this characteristic trademark trait of theirs was manifest at the last sitting of parliament. They disrupted the proceedings to the maximum, with their whistleblowing and desk thumping, getting up out of their seats and walking about, even making a mad rush to grab the Speaker’s mace. This uncivilized, uncouth, street side brawl, was caught on camera and broadcasted to the entire world. The question one might ask is, what did they hope to achieve, what was the point of that disgraceful display?
And the clear answer is, to cause an abrupt end to the proceedings, so that The NRF Bill could not have been passed. Quite thankfully that objective was not achieved and the bill was successfully passed.
We move on to the next sitting of parliament and its expectations, and already we are being made aware of the fact that the hooligans have submitted a motion for a No-confidence in the Speaker. What gall, if not asininity, where a bunch of hooligans should think that they can forward a motion for the No-Confidence in the speaker? It shows clearly how far these people are prepared to take their barefacedness. They have exhibited the most uncivilized actions ever in the house, and in bullying fashion are now submitting to the very same speaker a motion of No-Confidence in him, isn’t that total madness?
I am talking about a nonsensical motion on the eve of one of the watersheds of debates, that is, the laying of budget 2022. I don’t know what these people are thinking, but there is no way the tabling of a budget would give way to a No-confidence motion, it just wouldn’t happen! So, that puts an abrupt end to their bullying campaign plans.
Ironically these are very same cabal who had no respect for laws and standards especially when it comes to a No-confidence motion? The last No-confidence in the house was never respected by The APNU/AFC Regime, they flatly refused to honour this established law. So, to come now in a sanctimonious gangsterism style asking for a No-Confidence, makes for an absolute absurdity.
Let me pause here to put forward a proposal for a fitting punishment for the miscreants. I would put forward a – swift and comprehensive punishment – a silencing factor, for all those who got up and out of their seats and approached the speaker. These should be made to sit in silent civility for the next three sittings of the house, they should have no part in any deliberations of the house. This would teach them a life lesson how to conduct themselves in parliament. On the other hand, the two who grabbed the mace should be promptly expelled.
For the final time I would say, civilized and respectful behaviour must return to the House of Parliament. It is a step in the right direction to address this glaring anomaly and set a precedent for future sittings.

Neil Adams