Where is the middle ground?

Dear Editor,
After listening to the intense discussions in the recent sitting of Parliament, which were centred around the budget for the year, it has become clear that any hope for constructive discussion has been eliminated. The middle ground which many have relied upon for the bringing forth of the best ideas into reality has disappeared.
Our Parliament has confirmed to all Guyanese that the little room that existed for compromise and the meeting of the minds is quickly disappearing. No one party has a monopoly on good ideas, as seen in the recent budget discussions. However, the animosity, historical tit-for-tat, political persecution & victimisation, and electoral disputes between the parties have decisively increased the divide in the house of the National Assembly.
The small number of voters who have decided the last two elections now have an increased burden to bridge the divide in Parliament in order for our country to return towards a path of peaceful unity. The rebuilding of a bipartisan atmosphere and the middle ground needed to foster constructive discussions that bring about better solutions to the problems facing our nation can only be achieved by the presence of a neutral and unbiased voice within our National Assembly.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee