While CoI is shaming PNC, GECOM must cleanse itself from all associated rogue elements

Dear Editor,
The ongoing Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the debacle surrounding the true results of the 2020 National and Regional Elections has already confirmed startling positions.
The evidence-driven interrogation of the relevant issues will remove the cover from all involved openly and from behind-the-scenes. Following the trend of PNC politics, increased diversion tactics will be used in an attempt to deflect attention from the crooks. Aside from the flagrant abuse by contaminated officials within the Secretariat of the then Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the freedom of testimony approach so far has exposed the numerous parts of the blatant plot in the attempts by the PNC and its cabal to steal the power to govern after losing the elections.
Notably, GECOM has been very transparent and thorough in its preparation for these upcoming Local Government Elections (LGEs). While the process disappointingly took extra time, we must accept the harsh reality that due process took place within an inclusive environment which allowed full participation by all political parties. The necessary public notices were timely, and sufficiently instructive to allow political parties to take part in a meaningful way in the continuous registration exercises, and their representatives were continually active during the claims and objections process.
Further, the two main political parties have permanent scrutineers at the 29 well established GECOM offices across the country, and are provided with updates concerning each transaction as they occur. The intent is to ensure that all stakeholders have a point and period of validation from which their objections could be raised before arriving at the final list for the elections. Hence, it is rational for one to accept that GECOM, operating within the legal framework, has allowed inclusiveness and time to the public, and the political parties in particular, concerning the process for arriving at the Official List of Voters for the holding of the LGEs, fulfilling the opportunity for appropriate vetting.
It has recently come to the attention of the public that the PNC are attempting to conjure another delaying tactic to prevent the GECOM from running off the LGEs. I refer to the recently filed fixed-date application by known PNC activist Carol Joseph, which is nothing but another frivolous attempt at abusing our legal system. I will not be sub-judice in this respect by advancing pre-emptive positions before the rulings of the court, but will urge the general public to take note of the suppressive interventions that are being advanced from the hornets’ nest.
Editor, there are still some things to be fixed that will lend to acceptable parity in the Local Government setting. The PNC cannot deny the fact that the gerrymandering of several ‘District’ boundaries was done by them to provide perceived advantages. It was the APNU/AFC who hurriedly went into Parliament in 2015, even before the PPP/C took up their seats, and changed the law to make sure that ‘Continuous Registration’ gives legitimacy to the List for six months.
All of the “red herrings” about the PNCR being unhappy about the response to some elections’ issues are only an attempt by the cowards to make noise before their humiliation at the 2023 LGEs. Recently, Hon. Nigel Dharamlall, the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, held exceptionally good consultative discussions around the country concerning the boundaries of constituencies. These resulted in the corrective changes to certain boundaries, made via Order No. 44 of 2022, and published in the Official Gazette.
Guyanese must be prepared to take on the challenge and be more proactive at the various levels of our democracy. With all of the developments taking place at the national level, our people of all walks of life must be prepared to work in unity at the local government level for the further development of our country.
Parallel development across the wider spectrum for the benefit of all needs to have candidates contesting the LGEs. Those should include religious and business leaders, be gender-balanced, and include youths and professionals. Such inclusiveness would bring respectability to the newly elected officials.
GECOM must move ahead and ensure the proper cleansing of all clandestine rogue elements, and not allow the cowards who are afraid to face the LGEs to further slow the process.
Let us have the LGEs now.

Neil Kumar