Who is… the father of the Nation

As if we didn’t have enough things to divide us, Hamilton Green, henchman of the dictator Forbes Burnham, has his bukta in a knot cause the PPP, in commemorating the 105th anniversary of Dr Cheddi Jagan’s birth, called him “father of the nation”!! Well, to be fair to Green – which he wasn’t to so many when he wielded power, including Rodney – he did offer some reasons for claiming that it’s Burnham who’s deserving of that title.
So let us count his ways. He says Jagan didn’t go up to the 1965 Constitutional Conference summoned by Britain to decide on some particulars of independence. Now ain’t this shameless that a man who claims to know our history omits to mention that the said independence was supposed to be awarded under the party that won the 1961 elections! That party is the PPP under Jagan!! It was Burnham who betrayed our nation when he connived with the colonial power Britain – and the new hegemonic power USA – to delay independence so’s to oust Jagan!! How can he bee “father of the nation when he kept the baby of independence locked in Britain’s womb as hundreds of Guyanese were killed, billions were lost when hundreds of buildings were torched and thousands displaced??
The divisions created then by Burnham in cahoots with the colonials left us a legacy of racial animosity and divisions that plague us to this day. What father of a nation would do this to his offspring?? Then Green goes on to state – as another disqualification – that Jagan as Premier after the 1953 elections didn’t send “pledges of loyalty and congratulations” to Elizabeth, who was being coronated as Queen of Britain!! Really?? The Queen – whose ancestors owned the largest slave shipping company from Africa – should be offered pledges of loyalty. Shame!!
But most outrageous was gratuitously mentioning the US executions of the Rosenbergs in 1953 for spying – used as a reason for ousting the PPP government – because Janet Jagan’s maiden name was also “Rosenberg” – but no relation to the NY Rosenbergs! That’s grounds for disqualifying Cheddi from being “father of the nation”!?! Should Green have been penalized because a “Green” was the first to be dubbed a “Public Enemy” in the US – for being a serial killer and a murderer??
Another reason was that Burnham joined the Non-Aligned Movement!! Yet this hypocrite was installed into office by the CIA that was involved in the assassination of Mossadegh (Iran), Nkrumah (Ghana), Lumumba (Congo) etc and given a monthly stipend!! The US Ambassadors are on record as snickering at Burnham’s pretensions at radicalism, while being regularly importuned for more money!
Some (deadbeat) father!! Gwan da side!!

…to fix climate change??
These people just won’t give up!! Every day we’re assaulted by an unending barrage of demands by the modern-day Guyanese Quislings that we quit producing oil. Or place so many hurdles in the production chain that all the developers would walk away!! Now you may think that “Quislings” – who collaborated with Hitler and his ethnic cleansing regime – is a bit harsh. But what else can we call these people who would doom us to unmitigated poverty for another century – if we were to survive!!
And that’s the point, innit?? Whether we stop oil production or not, the other countries are continuing their merry (carbon-spewing) ways and refusing to honour their commitments to assisting poor countries to mitigate the fallout from carbon-reduction measures. Which we perform by keeping our forests standing!! So as oceans rise and we have to move inland can we count on help from the rich countries??
Heck no!! In the end we’ll have to use our own funds to survive!!

In today’s Guyana that gotta be President Irfan Ali!! He leaves codgers like your Eyewitness breathless and wondering what kinds of supplements he uses to be able to keep up his gruelling schedule. It’ll be a slam dunk in 2025!!