“You have a Govt that is big on action” – PM Phillips

– says Dr Jagan served as a pillar of change, dedicated to principles of democracy, human rights

Guyana will continue to see large-scale development, on a steady trajectory to prosperity, under the stewardship of a Government committed to “more action, and less talk”.
Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips made this statement on Sunday at Babu Jaan, Corentyne, Berbice, at a ceremony held in observance of the late former President, Dr Cheddi Jagan’s 26th death anniversary and 105th birth anniversary.
“Throughout his career, he was committed to building a Guyana based on equality, regardless of race, religion, and regardless of whichever part of Guyana you come from. He was committed to improving the lives of all Guyanese, especially the working people,” PM Phillips said.
He highlighted the multi-ethnic composition of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), serving as a testament to the diversity and inclusivity that characterises the party, as people from all walks of life come together to work towards the common good.
PM Phillips assured those in attendance that this PPP/C Government will continue to leave a legacy of stewardship built on the principles of integrity, unity, equality and democracy, following in the footsteps of Dr Jagan.
“We are following the principles of comrade Cheddi because he believed that democracy was important for the development of Guyana,” he said.
Former President, Dr Cheddi Jagan served as a pillar of change, dedicated to the principles of democracy and human rights. Phillips identified Dr Jagan and his wife, Janet Jagan as champions of autonomy, adding that the pair paved the way for the kind of large-scale development Guyana enjoys today.
“He would be proud of the socioeconomic policies and interventions of our Government, led by Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali. We are a Government that, in the face of a pandemic, brought relief to all the people of Guyana.”
The Prime Minister assured that the PPP/C Government will continue to implement policies aimed at improving the lives and livelihood of all Guyanese across all sectors.
“This is a Government that has been using the resources, especially from the oil and gas industry, to bring accelerated development to all the people of Guyana,” the PM added.
Dr Cheddi Jagan, born in 1918 in Port Mourant, Berbice, was the son of Indian immigrants who came to the colony to work on the sugar plantation. Despite his challenging upbringing, Dr Jagan excelled both academically and socially and went on to become qualified as a dentist in the United States.
However, guided by a strong sense of patriotism, instead of pursuing a career in dentistry, Dr Jagan returned to Guyana in 1943, where he spearheaded the country’s campaign for independence from the British. He also advocated for increased powers for trade unions at a time when powerful foreign entities dominated the then British Guiana’s economy.
His legacy has left a blueprint for the continued fight for social justice, a symbol of hope for the oppressed and marginalised.