Who would have thought that this could have taken place in America?

Dear Editor,
Who would have thought that this would have taken place in the mighty USA, a place known for the administration of law and order? Who would have thought that hooligans could have invaded Capitol Hill and turned it into a common street brawl? Who would ever have imagined that congressmen and women would have had to run for cover and barricade themselves in the house after they were assaulted by the mob of an insane dictator?
No one would ever have imagined, far less entertained the thought, that this could have happened in the grand old USA, a bastion of democracy; but it sure did, and, right now, they are licking their wounds in the aftermath of the onslaught.
Today, Americans are not as frightened of a terrorist attack as they are terrified plain stiff of a madman called Trump leading a horde of savages on to Capitol Hill. The fear is real and the fear is evident.
The citizens of this country are now locked in fear that something like this could have happened right here at their doorstep, to the point that there might be a second wave, who knows? As someone rightly said, the scenes that took place yesterday are reminiscent of Georgetown during and after an election that the PNC have lost. You are talking about the burnings, lootings and shootings, these are all common features that we see time and time again whenever that party loses.
If I may add, election violence is a real-life issue in Guyana. In fact, a friend of mine mentioned that president-elect Biden was overheard saying, “This is another Georgetown situation taking place here.” I would be the first to put up my hand in critical support of that statement, having lived through it so many times over. The point is – and here is where the Americans are getting a brutal lesson that they will never forget – that when we related our horror stories here in Guyana to them, they ruefully dismissed it as a joke.
Well, come to think of it, Trump’s assault on Capitol Hill was no joke. All it took were the insane words from a power-hungry leader, that he had won the election by a landslide, and all hell broke loose. Good sense and logical thinking were thrown out the window as brute force and ignorance (Caribbean version) took over. It was a relive of the seances of a banana republic as the evil forces went on a rampage.
As I close, I shall make this humble suggestion to the American Authorities: get a grip on Trump, and a firm one at that. This lunatic campaign he has embarked upon must be stopped right now! America has to realise that this is not a matter of Democrats versus Republicans, or a matter of us versus them; rather, this is a serious assault on the very survival of democracy in their country.

Neil Adams