“Who’d you think you were foolin” …Mad Maduro?

It’s said that a fool is born every minute…and Mad Maduro clearly thinks they were all born in Venezuela!! Here’s a man who destroyed his country so comprehensively that 7.7 million – a quarter of the population, including most of the middle class – have fled to become refugees in even some of the most “deh-bad” countries. Yet, he claims the ones who’re stuck in the country he rules, grubbing among garbage to keep alive, are ALL behind him!!
So, what happened with his referendum that he called to show the MASSIVE love and support pouring out from “his” people? Well, one henchman announced that out of the 20 million eligible voters, 10.5 million came out to vote!! Now, even if that were true, if the hottest of the hot-button issues in Venezuela – to reclaim their “stolen” Essequibo – could only get out HALF of the voters, doesn’t that give Mad Maduro a hint of what’s going down?? And as to what actually went down, your Eyewitness will quote a report from the Guardian, a very liberal newspaper: “Few voters could be seen at voting centres, but the National Electoral Council (NEC) claimed more than 10.5 million ballots were cast in the country of 20 million eligible voters”!! Now, if that’s not a scoffing, doubting tone of a report, what is?? The poor NEC had to lie that 95% of those who voted said, “Yes!!”
Anyhow, back to Mad Maduro and his referendum. He’s now backed himself into a corner, and it’ll be interesting to see how he tries to wriggle out of it! For months, he’s been hollering even louder after he heard Exxon had discovered oil off Essequibo in 2015!! Hell hath no fury like a dictator scorned!!
Chavez and Maduro had chased Exxon out of Venezuela, and were miffed when they had to pay damages. And now Exxon has hit the biggest find – 13 billion barrels of the sweetest oil – in the last century. How much can a former bus driver – who slid into the presidency on the death of his mentor through cancer – take??
Well, clearly not much!! He went off his rocker to arbitrarily draw a line into the Atlantic that not only claimed all of Exxon’s concessions, BUT CUT OFF ALL OUR ACCESS TO THE ATLANTIC!! He generously left us our sea walls!! But with Exxon drilling a never-ending number of successful wells, Mad Maduro finally reached a stage where he decided to thumb his nose at the UN Secretary General, the World Court, the EU, the Commonwealth, Brazil and Colombia!!
Now he’s been authorised through his referendum to annex our Essequibo. That’s what he asked for, and that’s what he got!!
Now let’s see if he has the cojones!!

…not the press!!
Our famous free press is paid to dig up facts that may be outside the purview of the average Tom, Dick and Harrilall. Analysts are even paid to take those facts and weave a theory as to why the noted facts came about. So, one Venezuelan analyst suggested a possible method to Mad Maduro’s madness – beyond his rage and fury at the Exxon bonanza!!
He wrote: “In October, the Venezuelan opposition …rallied…round Maria Corina Machado, a center-right former legislator who attacked Maduro for overseeing soaring inflation and food shortages, in the country’s first primary in 11 years. An authoritarian government facing a difficult political situation is always tempted to look around for a patriotic issue so it can wrap itself in the flag and rally support, and I think that’s a large part of what Maduro is doing!”
When the Argentinian dictators were in more than a spot of bother, didn’t they do exactly that and invaded the Falkland Islands?? But cojones-less Maduro is just bluff and bluster!!

…with sanctioned oil
Indian mega-conglomerate Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani – who also owns the IPL’s Delhi Daredevils – has said he’ll be buying Venezuelan oil. He met Pres Ali at COP28 in Dubai…did he have the courtesy of informing him??