The present belligerence of President Nicolas Maduro has provided an opportunity for Guyanese to unite for our country’s common destiny. ONE GUYANA is not just nebulous political sloganeering, but it is a platform to ensure prosperity that legend bestowed on us. While Eldorado eluded Walter Raliegh, the present and future generations of our country have Raleigh’s Eldorado and more in our grasp. Since August 2023, the PPP leadership under President Irfaan Ali and Vice President Bharat Jagdeo, the Leader of the PPP, with a young vibrant Cabinet, have proven they are the right stewards of Guyana’s future. Their navigation through the Venezuelan crisis in which they have mobilized a global solidarity for Guyana, totally isolating Venezuela, with the Venezuelan diaspora everywhere siding with Guyana, with the Venezuelan people largely ignoring the referendum, is an example of the magnificent leadership the PPP has offered and delivered for and with Guyana.
Recently, in his Conversation Tree Commentary, Ralph Ramkarran opined that winning the mayorship and the majority of seats in the Municipality of Georgetown is not ever possible for the PPP. Freddie Kissoon in one of his commentaries offered dialectic reasoning why Ramkarran’s pessimism is out of place. I am not an expert in dialectics, but I have been engaged in grassroot work for many decades. I have seen the movement of popular support in communities across Guyana, back and forth. There can be no denying that since 1957, the PNC has had seemingly insurmountable support in Region 4 and in Georgetown, in particular. Ralph is wrong and I do not need to understand dialectics to know why Freddie is right. In the March 2023 Local Government and Municipal Elections I saw and experienced genuine movement of support in the PNC previously insurmountable political base which persuaded me that winning Region 4 and winning the municipal elections in New Amsterdam and Georgetown, inevitably, will happen sooner than later.
President Irfaan Ali, as the PPP presidential candidate in the 2025 General and Regional Elections, will win Region 4 for the PPP for the first time. President Bharat Jagdeo was not far away from accomplishing this feat in 2006. Since then the PNC recovered some of its support that had migrated to other political parties, mainly via its racist campaigning and promotion of race-based politics. This is particularly true for 2011, 2015 and 2020. But the March 2023 Local and Municipal Elections showed genuine movement away from the PNC to the PPP. One particularly revealing aspect of the movement was that many young supporters of the PNC made calculated moves away from the PNC and joined the PPP. The PPP has strengthened its hold on its base since 2015 and this was consolidated in 2020 and 2023. For this reason, President Irfaan Ali will lead the PPP to a win in Region 4 on the way to a blowout victory in the 2025 General and Regional Elections. Since 1953, the 2025 General and Regional Elections will be the first in which race-based voting will not be the driving force for electoral results.
The PPP will also win the Mayorship of the Municipal elections soon in New Amsterdam and Georgetown. In the very next local government elections, expected in 2026, the PPP will capture victory in New Amsterdam which they almost accomplished in 2023. Within two local government elections, perhaps in 2029, the PPP will win the Mayorship of Georgetown. I have absolute confidence in these predictions.
Race-based voting in Guyana is on the list of threatened species. Guyana has many race-based and race-mongering merchants and the PNC has always been a breeding ground for these merchants. The post-Rodney WPA completed a long time ago its metamorphosis to a safe abode for some of these merchants of racism. A threshold number of Guyanese have now emerged that threatens the viability of political parties and other organizations which rely on peddling racism as the most important reason for their existence. More and more the young people are abandoning generations of loyalty to racial politics as the most important reason to vote. Since 1953, nothing has guaranteed this shift as the Local Government Elections of 2023 and the events since then. Young people who in the past emerged into politics from PNC strongholds are now finding a more palatable home in the PPP.
Part of this is the unprecedented opportunities for home-ownership, professional development and entrepreneurship being pursued by the PPP, not the appeal for young people to sell dog food and plantain chips on the roadsides, promoted by the PNC and David Granger.
The movement of Afro-Guyanese away from the PNC to the PPP is not merely driven by the clueless politics of the PNC, but by the excitement generated by President Irfaan Ali as the People’s President and by the astute leadership of the General Secretary of the PPP, Vice President Bharat Jagdeo. General Secretary Bharat Jagdeo has succeeded in expanding the base of the PPP. The party has consolidated support-bases among Indo-Guyanese and the Amerindian populations. It has now become the party of choice among the business communities and it now has measurable support in previously insurmountable PNC bases across the country. It is the only political party that can field candidates in every constituency across Guyana.
The PPP has ensured that most people in Guyana will begin voting on economic and social development concerns, for ideas, policies and track records. For this reason Region 4 is in the bag for 2025 and Georgetown within two LGEs because when elections are driven by ideas, policies and track records, the PPP stand tall, apart from all the pretendenrs.