Who’s fooling who…

Some people just don’t know when to shut their mouths. Sometimes it’s because of a disease called logorrhoea – seen in manic episodes of bipolar disorder and in some types of schizophrenia. It’s also called agitolalia, agitophasia, tachylalia, tachyphasia, and verbomania. Yes, Dear Reader – it’s as bad as it sounds!!
So where’s your Eyewitness going with this? Well, as he read Brian Tiwari’s response to allegations of “corruption” against Minister of State Joseph Harmon – for just flying in the same plane with him as his duly appointed “Business Advisor” – he noticed Mook Lall’s tag line at the bottom of the article in his Muckraker: “Tiwari has nothing he wants”.
But nowhere in the statement did Tiwari say the Mook “wanted” what he had – that is, that the Mook was jealous of his possessions. All the business mogul said was the Muckraker newspaper practised “gutter journalism” – which is a tautology! – and was conducting a “vendetta” against him. Folks can conduct “vendettas” for all kinds of reasons – like say, you used to engage in “backtracking” and somebody blows your cover. Or someone seized your Lexus SUVs and made you pay duties when you’d already spent millions bribing the customs people!
But here it was, the Mook’s mouth open – his logorrhoea, remember? – and the real story jumped out – projecting what’s on his mind, OK? He wants what Tiwari has soooo badly. And what is that? Tiwari’s planes? His diplomatic passport? His exclusive resort up the Essequibo? His quarries? The largest civil construction company in Guyana? Well…all of that and more! And the “more” goes back to what your Eyewitness’s been saying for years: the Mook is so jealous and envious of those who’ve left him behind in the dust (relatively…of course!). That Brian was his cousin only made his jealousy more bitter. That Tiwari was able to connect to the new Administration made it unforgivable.
The Mook, you see, thought he’d developed influence in the APNU/AFC after scandalising the PPP with his charges of corruption and the money donated through FUCOP. Even before the ink was dry on Prezzie’s appointment, the Mook was baying for the blood of those he envied. But while ordinary folks were swayed by his yellow journalistic scandals, the real power players in the new dispensation knew the Mook was a loose cannon who was too full of himself. And cut him loose.
Marriott and Brassington? Status quo. One hundred and one audits? Nothing. BaiShanLin? Nothing. It was just too much. And as we all know by now…hell hath no fury like a Mook scorned. And we arrive at the storm in a teacup over Brian Tiwari.
Since when people can’t support another political party? Wasn’t the Mook PPP?

…on patriotism?
Your Eyewitness just read about a Jaguar that was relocated by the government from the Essequibo after it was trapped by some villagers. The newspaper noted that was because the Jaguar is an endangered species protected under our Wildlife Management and Conservation Regulations (2013). Could somebody tell this to Minister of Security Khemraj Ramjattan? Last we heard, the man refused to take down the Jaguar skin he’d nailed to his wall when he was made Vice President and a member of the Cabinet!!!
You can excuse a man when he doesn’t know he’s doing something wrong. But on the Jaguar skin indiscretion, he was warned by no other than Minister of Tourism Cathy Hughes – and he thumbed his nose at her. Maybe because he’s her party leader?
Well, we just hope they protect that Jaguar now relocated on the East Bank of Demerara. Ramjattan might just figure he needs another Jaguar skin!

…on gold
The GCB just honoured our cricketers from the Men’s, Women’s and U-19 teams who made us so proud. They were given gold rings. But do they realise if they now try to leave the country with the rings, SOCU might just have them jailed?