Why do employees endure hardships?

Dear Editor,
I would like to bring to the forefront, some injustices that are being faced by the working class. While there are institutions that can deal with these issues, very rarely anything substantial comes out of it. From where I sit, I have seen injustice meted out to the working class and the “lower class” in society. Forgive me for using the term “lower class,” however, it is necessary to get my point across. I have seen employees being taken advantage of in the most horrendous ways. I will paint a picture with a few examples without naming names.
Some employees’ salaries are being withheld for months with no explanation given. Some employees are being forced to work under inhumane conditions while the employers sit in their air-conditioned offices.
Health and Safety regulations are rarely ever being adhered to. Why do employees endure these hardships, one may ask? The answer is very simple, it is because many times they feel they have no other option but to endure it since they have families to maintain, and it is not as if jobs are being created.
From where I sit, I have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the poor being exploited. I have seen employees being injured on the job because proper safety gears weren’t provided and proper health and safety protocols not being followed.
Employees are placed on a contract where no NIS and PAYE is paid. Some even lose their jobs just for enquiring. In some cases, tax returns aren’t submitted because employers aren’t provided with the necessary information for the returns to be filed. When employees turn up requesting information about deductions made, they are being told that records are no longer available!
Employers sometimes are so concerned with profits that they fail to ensure their employees’ well-being is taken care of. Many workplaces fail to meet the basic requirements for health and safety standards, yet they are allowed to operate, putting the lives of their employees at risk. But there are bodies set up to address these concerns aren’t there? One would like to believe so, however, these bodies fail to effectively address the many issues faced by employees for the simple reason that a buck is passed here and there and along the way. Imagine the value placed on human life!
I would not go as far as to blame any one Administration since this has been ongoing for decades. The system has failed our people who aren’t “privileged!” It is my hope that the allegations brought to the attention of the authorities in GRA, NIS, Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Home Affairs are taken seriously and properly investigated and not just brushed aside.

Yours truly,
I Ram