Why is Govt offended when questions are asked of them?

Dear Editor,
Some media houses are busy questioning the PPP/C’s presidential candidate on the authenticity of his qualifications. They have every right to ask him questions, to which he provided them with answers.
Now, I have noticed that there is a drought whenever questions are to be asked on the Government side. I therefore take this opportunity to ask a “few” questions of the Government. These questions are all listed below:
1. The Finance Minister recently announced that the economy grew by 4.1per cent, is this an honest statement, or another falsification of the figures? I make that assertion based on his projections for a previous year, which were later downgraded to half of that amount. Could someone give us a clear answer on this one?
2. The Minister of Finance recently sourced money from The Islamic Bank to build 3 mini-hydro projects. Is he subscribing to the theory that 3 is better than one?
3. Did Minister Cathy Hughes declare her financial dealings with her own company, Video-mega?
4. Sole-sourcing to Minister Patterson’s husband to build houses for the Government? Is this legal?
5. Where is the President of Guyana, and who is really in charge of the ship of state?
6. Why only now do we see a battery of ministers on meet-the-people tours? What have they been doing for four (4) years?
7. The health sector is in a deplorable state, with malfunctioning equipment, shortage of drugs and maternal deaths, among others. Could the minister shed some light on this?
8. The Rice Industry is in a terrible state. Where is the Agriculture Minister on this?
9. What is the position of the squatters in Parliament on that dual citizenship breach?
10. Monies for GECOM. They are claiming that they need more money to conduct elections, but house-to-house registration, which is a costlier exercise, is already underway. What is this Government really saying?
11. What has become of the US$18 million ExxonMobil bonus?
12. The four-lane highway to Belfield, what progress has been made thus far?
13. The four-lane highway to the Timehri Airport, please grant us an update
14. The renovation of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri; this project has been going on for six years now. Is there no completion date set?
These are questions and more questions which deserve answers. Do not just ask questions of the Opposition, we have been given a daily dose of that. I am now asking questions of the Government, to which we deserve legitimate answers.

Neil Adams