Why is Vincent Alexander peeved over the soon-to-be removal of the rigging trio?

Dear Editor,
As reported in the media, PNC-appointed Commissioner Vincent Alexander is worried stiff that three of his party comrades will be removed from GECOM. And for well-known reasons he should be worried, because it brings to an end a well thought out rigging cabal to which Alexander has close connections and the removal of the trio certainly marks a grave setback for the rigging crew. No more can he rely on his compadres to carry out the plans of the PNC through the instrumentalities of that closely knit group. Their dismantlement brings that illegal criminal gangsterism to its final resting place.
The point I am making is, what are we going to do with them, seeing this was a public display of naked fraud? Should we look the other way and say it did not happen, what is it? So, I pose the question to Vincent Alexander, what should the people of Guyana do with a group of individuals who wanted to deny them their human rights to choose who governs them, how sayest thou? I guess Lowenfield and friends can do a good job at Congress Place with that rigging stunt of theirs, but certainly not as a public officer, being paid from the public purse, I guarantee you that is not going to happen. So, it is high time to get rid of them.
Now, as a flash back I would urge us to take a careful look at the tell-tale workings of the rigging apparatus. It all began more than a decade ago when those who are opposed to the holding of a free and fair electoral process, slowly and insidiously began to piece together their diabolical plot. It had as its prime target, the CEO of the day, Mr Gocool Boodhoo. Here we have a man who blazed a trail of impeccable record up until this point, so to bring him down there was no better way than to sully his career by pinning on him a fraudulently transaction in the falsification of the figures of that election.
It was a well thought out plan to remove him – at least so it seems – by those who were making out an airtight position to get Boodhoo out of the way. So, paint him as that fraud figure who wanted to fix the figures for the PPP/C, and eureka, it worked, they did get Boodhoo out.
No sooner had they gotten Boodhoo out than they began to pull apart all those whom they perceive as too keen, or those who would look into the inner workings of the Commission. As a consequence, the information technology guy got axed as well as many others. It was a remodelling of the GECOM Secretariat to suit the intents and purposes to to carry out the functions of the PNC rigging cabal.
So, my question is, with such an egregious deed as what they claim was Boodhoo’s role, why didn’t they push for his incarceration? That is the question I posed to a diehard supporter of the PNC party. That supporter responded that his party is very humane, that is why they did not incarcerate Boodhoo, he wryly opined that altruism got the better of them! But an in-depth look into the events shows that this was not the case, all that the PNC wanted was a silent takeover, so that they can work at perfecting their diabolical plot undetected.
So, there you have the real reason behind Alexander’s frustration at the imminent removal of Lowenfield and company. He is hopping mad that their rigging machinery has crashed, never again to raise its ugly head.

Neil Adams