Will Justice Dawn Gregory tender her resignation?

Dear Editor,
Kindly permit me a space in your newspaper to express my repugnance at the dishonour being adulterated to the Guyana Court of Appeal (CoA).
Editor, the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has once again voided and discarded the CoA decision, which was not surprising to many, but rather baffled and confused citizens by some of the most enigmatic and incomprehensible rulings. It begs the question: Are some of these Justices on the CoA bench biased or compromised?
One can only hope that’s not the case, as the judiciary is the firmest guarantee of the Rule of Law in any civilization, and to move away from such a fundamental pillar of democracy with be a travesty.
However, Mr. Editor, the citizens of Guyana cannot continuously be put to shame by some of those questionable judgments emanating from the chambers of the CoA. That is why I believe that some of these Justices should be called out, as it is our taxpayers’ dollars giving them their salaries.
The incomprehensible interpretation of Article 177(2)B of the Constitution by Justice Brassington Reynolds and Justice Dawn Gregory was tossed aside when Justice Saunders said, “The article has always said what it meant, and meant what it said”. This alone says how erroneous their interpretations were.
It is also inexcusable for the third consecutive time that Justice Dawn Gregory has come under severe criticism, both locally, regionally, and to an extent internationally.
The questions must be asked: Is Justice Gregory fit and proper to sit on the CoA bench? Is the Judicial Service Commission not concerned about the quality of jurisprudence of the CoA?
Justice Gregory had erred in her decision regarding the appointment of Justice Patterson as chair of GECOM. See Kaieteur News article https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/10/19/appeal-court-upholds-presidents-appointment-of-gecom-chairman/ for reference. Her second instance, and perhaps the worst is her ruling, is the No Confidence Motion case, where she said 33 is the majority of 65.
See Inews article https://www.inewsguyana.com/chancellor-to-break-tie-on-validity-of-ncm/ for reference.
And finally, the case related to the March 2, 2020 elections, where Justice Gregory inserted the word ‘valid’ into the consideration of votes for the election of a president, which was thrown out by the CCJ. Please refer to this Stabroek New article for reference

Court of Appeal decision thrown out by CCJ

In closing, as citizens, we are disgusted at being the laughingstock of the Caribbean and the entire world. Will Justice Gregory tender her resignation? I do believe it’s the fitting thing to do.

Yours truly,