The coalition has boxed itself into a corner with its lies

Dear Editor,
Just before the leader of the APNU+AFC Coalition, David Granger, made his impromptu speech to his supporters who had gathered outside of State House on the afternoon of July 8, 2020, an instruction to him was shouted out by one of those gathered. The instruction was: “Say what we want hear, not what you want to say”.
That instruction encapsulates perfectly the dilemma the coalition parties have found themselves in. They have peddled so many lies and inconsistencies to their supporters that their whole narrative has become confusing. It has now reached the point where the supporters are instructing the leaders what to say, as nothing less will suffice.
The coalition parties have alienated themselves from the entire world. They have fooled their supporters, and now will find it hard to walk back the many untruths they have peddled, effectively boxing themselves into a corner, where they are forced to do whatever they can to cling on to their few supporters.
For the APNU+AFC coalition, to tell the truth would almost certainly mean their demise. This fact is something the majority of Guyana has seemingly accepted.
I do not envy their position, but they only have themselves to blame. Being honest with their supporters since the evening of March 2, 2020 would have preserved some of their credibility. Alas, it is now too late.

Yours truly,
Sherwyn Greaves