Will they ever get it right?

Dear Editor,
On Wednesday, January 26th, I attended, at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), a presentation and reception celebrating India’s 72nd Republic Anniversary.
An otherwise excellent presentation was marred by gross mismanagement of stage and sound by the staff of the Cultural Centre.
One scene change was more than 5 minutes long; it seemed interminable. The President, senior diplomats and dignitaries were all present. When the curtains opened, and there are now new green curtains to assist with set changes, the microphone for the singer never came on, and eventually the artists apologised for not wanting to waste any more time, and exited the stage.
Since 1981, I have produced and stage-managed over 100 productions at the Cultural Centre, and almost all productions have suffered from various technical inefficiencies inherent at the Centre. This is 2022, 41 years later for me, and things are still the same.
I enjoyed the comfort of the brand-new green seats. Perhaps it’s time to get some brand-new technical staff too.

Yours sincerely,
Gem Madhoo-Nascimento