WiPay aims at engaging Government to “do business”

With Guyana’s private sector being one of its major markets for customers, WiPay has disclosed plans to engage the Government of Guyana so that the State’s need for hard cash and other paper-based services can be replaced by the variety of convenient online payment services the company currently offers.
Headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), this online payment system has already partnered with that country’s Government to have Government payments done online, and is targeting to offer similar services to the governmental agencies in countries where its offices are located, including in Jamaica, St. Lucia and Guyana.

Chief Operational Officer (COO) of WiPay, Sacha Thompson, at a recent press conference, noted that the market for their technology varies in each country, considering the various laws existing. However, she pointed out that since the launch of its online services in Guyana, private businesses have been embracing these services more than the public.
“It varies by markets. Because, as you see and you read, you know the different countries have different phases of digital development, and that’s contingent on which countries have which laws, and which regulations (have been) passed… In some of the islands, we started with Government as our first customer, and in other islands we started with the private sector. In the case of Guyana, we started here with private sector, and we really hope to have further conversations with the Government”, the COO stated.
Thompson also underscored that most countries in the Caribbean region are taking major steps to be involved in digital development as a whole. “Most countries are aiming, though, to get into the digital arena, (and are) taking major steps to do so,” she stated.
This objective is part of the company’s objective to give everyone an opportunity to access convenient online payment services without the need to travel. This entails being able to make and receive payments online with credit card and its newest ‘cash’ payments online service.