Woman stabbed to death by obsessed man

A 34-year-old mother of five was on Wednesday evening stabbed to death in North Sophia, Greater Georgetown, by a man who was reportedly obsessed with her. Nadina Kalamdeen of North Sophia, was stabbed several times about the body by the suspect who was later apprehended and taken into Police custody.

Dead: Nadina Kalamadeen

Based on information received, the woman had been avoiding the suspect for quite sometime now. He reportedly made several advances to the woman who rebuffed him every time. However, he would visit the woman’s house with the hope of her taking him seriously.
However, the suspect, who is referred to as “Goodie Man” reportedly turned up at the woman’s house but at that time, she was asleep. Her relatives refused to wake her and the suspect reportedly left but returned later in the afternoon.
Guyana Times understands that the woman had left the house to purchase an item and she was followed by the man. Persons reportedly recalled seeing the woman walking in front and the man behind her.
After the woman refused to accept his advances, he reportedly whipped out a knife and dealt her several blows to her back. After the woman collapsed on the roadway, he attempted to run but an alarm was raised and he was apprehended by persons in the neighbourhood who later handed him over to the Police.
The injured woman was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The murder weapon was found in possession of the suspect. He is expected to be charged with the capital offence of murder later in the week.