Words of hope and seeds of faith

Dear Editor,
Guyana is ‘secluded’, ‘boxed-in’, ‘comfortable’, and has a ‘tribal notion’ of God. This is all about to change. I was ecstatic to hear a pastor from India declare that, in a population of 1.3 billion, the divide between the ‘untouchables’ and the rest of India has been seriously dented, thanks to COVID-19.
No one can escape; we are all at the mercies of God. What will you do now? It’s time to change your talk, your walk, your behaviour, your attitudes, etc. It’s great to see that no one is immune to fear, worry, and even death. No more idols of money, work, cars, and the list goes on.
The fight in Guyana is spiritual. Think about it: someone got caught ‘sacrificing’ his daughter to evil spirits for money. Darkness and evil are pervading Guyana in the most wicked way; and it has been going on for some time. Many had warned against evil practices on the land, but no one took heed. I bet you are now heeding; lockdown will teach many hard lessons of life.
Lockdown in Guyana – this is a welcome move, as we need a ‘pause’ desperately. Pause from politics, elections, coronavirus, accidents, people’s bad attitudes, bad customer service; everything in Guyana.
What can you/we do while in lockdown mode?
1. Give some serious thought to the current state and direction of yourself and this country; we have to move on.
2. God is not only for Christians; God is for everyone who would cry out in desperation at all times
3. Get your leader of any kind to give all citizens a grocery hamper and cheque every two weeks. The political parties wasted millions on themselves with posters, signs, flags, tee-shirts, hats, umbrellas, etc. How has that helped us?
4. Stay home and work; get your leader to beef-up internet, telephone and electricity services in the nation.
5. Children of the 60s (including me) will remember Mass Games. Push to have Mass Clean-Ups (did you see what is going on in Russia?), and can we have Mass Farming? In life after COVID-19, the world would need food; Guyana has the land. This is no time to waste time; COVID will pass, it did in 1918. Get busy. Take free online courses, there are many being offered. The godly and righteous men in our society need to step-up BIG TIME. Guyana will live, and not DIE.

Denise Murray