Police Commissioner advised to arrest and charge Mingo and Lowenfield

Dear Editor,
Keith Lowenfield’s recent proposal on the recount of the March 02, 2020 Elections, while outrageous, is not unexpected, as such has been the incumbent Government’s strategy of remaining in office since December 22, 2019.
Both Mingo and Lowenfield are acknowledged to have made chargeable false declarations and issued a report based on those numbers. There is little question that neither of these gentlemen is committed to generating a fair and accurate account and report on our elections, and neither should anymore be involved in further activities at GECOM.
As a matter of information, it should be noted that, on April 03, 2020, the Democratic National Congress filed a letter with the Commissioner of Police documenting the chargeable instances of procedural violations by Mr Mingo and Keith Lowenfield, and recommending that they be arrested and charged.
It is appropriate at this point to urge the Commissioner to move to conduct any investigation he may deem necessary, and proceed to have both of these men arrested and removed from the Guyana Elections Commission in the interest of generating credible results.
We continue to lose billions of dollars in business and investment as a result of the political instability generated by the coalition administration’s unwillingness to concede defeat in an election to which it is already in possession of the results.
We urge them to issue a formal declaration of concession soon, as they should by now realize that any effort to install an illegitimate Government has already failed and lack domestic and international support. Maintain our democracy, and return power to the people.

Craig Sylvester
Democratic National