Workers to know fate today

2016-05-10 11.04.35 (clean)Gafoors Houston Complex fire

owners still assessing losses

while investigations continue into the blaze that gutted several sections of the Houston Complex of hardware giant Gafoors, workers will soon know the fate of their jobs.

According to reports, the over 500 employees of the Gafoors Complex, which is located at Houston, Greater Georgetown – which went up in flames on Monday – have been told to report to work today, where they are expected to be advised on the way forward.

Employees, who turned up for a meeting with management on Tuesday were reportedly told that they should return as decisions on their jobs are still to be made. However, Guyana Times was told that employees from theGafoors 1 (clean) Houston facility will be transferred to other Gafoors locations.

Meanwhile, at about 02:00h on Tuesday morning, the fire which started on Monday afternoon reignited. This newspaper was told that this led to the main entrance being completely engulfed.

When this publication visited the scene just before 10:00h on Tuesday, firemen were still battling the fire, which gutted six bonds of the Gafoors facility, causing losses to the tune of billions of dollars.

At that time, Deputy Fire Chief Compton Sparman, said while fire fighters were able to save approximately 40 per cent of the structure, highly flammable materials were2016-05-10 09.59.48 (clean) contributing to the pockets of fires. He also stressed that further investigations would be needed to determine the origin of the blaze.

“I don’t want to make comments because fire investigation is a complex one; it deals with eyewitness statements, the burn pattern, and if you look at the magnitude of this building, it’s very difficult,” Sparman stressed.

Meanwhile, the Government issued a statement, empathising with the management of Gafoors, while expressing concern over the jobs and financial losses that came as a result of the blaze.

Likewise, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) also extended their grief over the situation to the Gafoors family on the losses they would have suffered.

“The Commission also commiserates with all the workers who have been rendered jobless by the conflagration. This is not only a severe blow to the Gafoor family and their employees but it is a national loss,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Police ranks have been stationed at the facility on a shift system so as to ensure that looting does not take place. On Monday at about 15:00h, the fire of unknown origin started in bond three at the facility which stored fishing equipment.

Despite attempts by fire service officers to extinguish the blaze, the fire quickly raged through the complex.