Young Britney Valladares conquers school and a business

By Lakhram Bhagirat

At 17 years old, most people are now beginning to think about the kind of future they want to have. They are now getting over finishing high school and contemplating whether they would want to join the workforce or continue their schooling at a tertiary institution. What is strange is a 17-year-old creating a business while in school. The creation of a business is a humongous task that involves all levels of planning. It is impressive that a ‘mere’ teenager can successfully plan and implement their business idea.
One such impressive teenager is Britney Valladares – a student of The Bishops’ High School.
Valladares has been a trailblazer all her life, so accomplishing great tasks can be considered as her second nature. This does not mean that she does not work hard, rather she works even harder at getting things accomplished.
During the lockdown implemented to control the coronavirus pandemic, Valladares used the time to hone her craft as well as build her business – BV Creative Design.
The young entrepreneur recently sat down with the Sunday Times Magazine and explained the driving force behind her seeking to excel. She related that she has always loved designing and creating unique images and it was from there that she birthed the vision of creating her own designing business.

Through BV Creative Design, Valladares has the opportunity to provide an extensive selection of design services to help turn her clients’ visions into reality, delivering everything from branding and visual design to materials creation.
“No matter the brief, each client of mine enjoys service tailored specifically to their needs. Grow your brand through the art of design whether it is flyers; posters; newspaper, social media ads; menus; brochures; programmes branding and/or logo design. Creating a strong visual appeal is essential, and my design services can play an integral role in successfully promoting every business. From the initial concept to the final product, I work hard to bring my clients’ visions to life,” she said.
One may say that the teenager’s all talk, but she just responds with the quality of her work. She sees her field of business as one that is important to businesses as well as the consumers, since persons shop with their eyes.
She is hopeful that her services can aid in the building of brands, particularly those of small businesses, since those establishments do not have much of a marketing budget. She said that those very small businesses are her target, because uniquely designed logos, business cards, and other marketing items can immediately catch the attention of people, thus enabling companies to establish their brands.
Valladares had no idea she wanted to get into entrepreneurship, but knew she needed to do something to establish herself as a driving force in society. She was aiding her friends with designing flyers and editing pictures, and it was from that the opportunity to create a logo for a new business emerged. She took up the challenge and was encouraged to formally establish herself, which she did.
However, the journey was not an easy one. She categorises her challenges into three categories namely – lack of mentorship, poor time management, and a crowded market.
Having somebody you can lean on when major decisions have to be made, or even just when you need a sounding board who has already been there and done that, is super useful. But not everyone will have access to mentors. For Valladares, help came from Internet sources, books, and various articles and podcasts.
Growing one’s company is a time-consuming task and the young Valladares learnt this the hard way. She was forced to cut distractions while sacrificing time with friends and doing the things she loved. She noted that her sector is a crowded one so she knew the sacrifices that needed to be made.
“So, you need to put yourself in a potential customer’s place and see how you stack up. What makes your company different? What makes your products special? What makes your brand unique? Why would someone choose you over your competitors? When it comes to your competitors, you need to hit the right balance between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Don’t define yourself solely in relation to your competitors. You need to be confident about what you’re bringing to the table, too,” she expertly noted.
Valladares has been and continues being an inspiration for her peers. She has been a stellar debater, a Youth Ambassador for the Ministry of the Presidency, a Youth Parliamentarian and a counsellor for her peers.
It was her vast exposure as well as personal battles that led her to be a peer counsellor. She even opened a hotline so that persons in need of a friend could call.
“I just have a line where people can reach out for guidance, advice or simply if they need someone to talk to. Whatever you’re facing, I can help you with, whether it be studies or life – all in a secure confidential place. I know what it’s like to want someone to reach out to for advice and just a push in the right direction and sometimes it’s hard to ask people you know for it, that’s what I’m here for. The line is +592-622-3369.
“Many young people are struggling with how they feel. They are having problems with friends, family, or school; they are anxious, depressed, angry, or scared and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know. My services can help them talk things through, support them without making them feel judged, and in confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk). Advice services can make a positive difference in their lives,” she explained.
For now, Valladares is focused on balancing her Associate Degree in Law studies at The Bishops’ High School and her business. When asked what she would say to a young person contemplating entry into the world of entrepreneurship, this is what she had to say: “Stay focused, keep your eye on the result you’re looking/intending/hoping for and don’t stop before the miracle. If we were all walking a tightrope or on a zip line, of course, we wouldn’t stop quarter of the way across or down, am I right? Don’t stop before the miracle simply means keep going for what you want and don’t let anything stop you. Be tenacious. Stay focused, stay on point, and you’ll be okay.”