Young professionals receive keys to brand new homes at Prospect

The lives of 12 young professionals and their families have been completely transformed, as they are now owners of newly-built young professional flats located at Prospect, East Bank Demerara (EBD).
The keys of the units were handed over to the beneficiaries on Thursday by Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal, along with Managing Director of First Change Builders Inc., Steven Jacobs, and representatives of Demerara Bank Limited.

The Young professional Scheme at Prospect, EBD

Each home is approximately 1700 square feet, and sports three bedrooms, including one self-contained room, a kitchen, and dining quarters.
Noting that the area was previously filled with dense vegetation, Minister Croal said Government’s prudent foresight has resulted in tremendous development of the scheme. Over 200 homes, including low-income young professional single flats and young professional elevated homes, are being constructed in the area.
The scheme is bordered by the Eccles-to-Diamond Interlink Road, and is also in close proximity to the incoming Eccles-to-Great Diamond Four-Lane Highway.
The Minister also stated that Government is moving in a direction where more home construction would be done to make homeownership easier for Guyanese. He added that Thursday’s activity demonstrates the increased responsiveness of both the banking industry and contractors to the Government’s housing drive, which in turn leads to the creation of more job opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers, and boosts the nation’s economy.
Close to 600 homes have been handed over to Guyanese through the Government’s housing programme in the past few years. Additionally, some 1400 homes in different categories are at various stages of construction.
Meanwhile, Managing Director of construction company First Change Builders Inc., Jacobs, in brief remarks, stated that homeownership is a life-changing opportunity. He said the company is therefore pleased to help advance the Government’s housing drive.
One of the beneficiaries, Dellon Caesar, praised the Government’s initiative and the work of the contractors, as he stated that the home will provide a more comfortable environment for his family.
“I’m quite excited for the home…I am now starting a family, my wife and I have a newborn, so it would be a good comfort zone,” Caesar said.
Another beneficiary, Jason Arjune, also expressed that the opportunity is a significant step forward for his family. “This is a very good start in life, and it’s gonna mean the world to us,” Arjune, who was in the company of his wife, said.