12 to compete in Miss Guyana Teen Scholar pageant

Twelve radiant young ladies will be vying for the title of Miss Guyana Teen Scholar when the pageant is staged at the National Cultural Centre on September 10, 2022.

The pageant is being hosted by Imperial House in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport; and the twelve delegates are: Robeina Edinboro, Mya Saunders, Akeelah Jones, Carissa Vandoimen, Jayda Overton, Curtela Lewis, Lisa Hassan, Beyonce Nicholson, Trasmattie Dasrath, Olivia Stephens, Ashanti Corlette, and Chidima Nurse.

The delegates have already competed in the eloquence, talent, and personality interview segments, and have also each submitted a video presentation on social issues, which would also be judged. On pageant night, these 12 young ladies would be competing in the ballroom dance and evening gown segments, after which the final five would be announced. The finalists would then be given the final question of the evening.

The queen will receive a scholarship to any institution of her choice, while the runners-up would receive other consultation prizes.

Tickets for the pageant cost $2500, $2000 and $1000.

Meet the delegates:

Name: Robeina Edinboro
Age: 17
School: West Demerara Secondary School

Name: Mya Saunders
Age: 16
School: St. Stanislaus College

Name: Akeelah Jones
Age: 14
School: St Roses High School

Name: Carissa Vandoimen
Age: 17
School: Richard Ishmael Secondary

Name: Jayda Overton
Age: 19
School: University of Guyana

Name: Curtela Lewis
Age 18
School: University of Guyana

Name: Lisa Hassan
Age: 18
School: St Joseph High School

Name: Beyonce Nicholson
Age: 18
School: Golden Grove Secondary School

Name: Trasmattie Dasrath
Age: 17
School: Institute of Professional Education

Name: Olivia Stephens
Age: 17
School: Hope Secondary School

Name: Ashanti Corlette
Age: 19
School: Charlestown Secondary School

Name: Chidima Nurse
Age: 18
School: Bishops’ High School.