$157M Grove bridge to be completed by March

The construction of a concrete bridge between Old Grove and New Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD), is set for completion in March and is expected to alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours.
Minister within the Public Works Ministry, Deodat Indar on Friday met with the contractor responsible for the $157 million project, O&O General Contracting Service.
Once completed, the project will provide an alternative route for traffic traversing between Great Diamond and the lower parts of the East Bank corridor. This will effectively reduce traffic congestion on the main Grove access road.

Minister Indar engaging stakeholders who are operating along the road shoulder

During his visit to the area, Indar also upbraided the contractors attached to the Grove road expansion project for the construction of concrete drains, as they failed to strictly adhere to the guidance provided by the technical officials from the Public Works Ministry.
Minister Indar has called on the contractors to remove the overburden from the road shoulders and to work diligently towards the project’s deadline.
“The Minister put the contractors on notice that they must clean up their act to reduce inconveniences to residents and motorists. Additionally, engineers on the project were instructed to issue letters to residents who have placed derelict vehicles and other encumbrances on the parapet,” the Public Works Ministry stated.

Construction ongoing for the new bridge

Several developmental projects are earmarked or ongoing for the EBD. This year, it was announced that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved some US$100 million to commence the Diamond/Grove-to-Timehri Road Project.
The loan was requested through the IDB’s Programme to Support Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development. Under this programme, the Government will be looking to improve road safety, pedestrian infrastructure, and utility networks. The aim is to mitigate congestion and delays faced by commuters traversing the corridor.
The Government was utilising local funds to desilt all the drains and widen roads along the Diamond/Grove corridor.
Meanwhile, the Government is working on creating an alternate route to mitigate traffic congestion along the East Bank Demerara corridor. Thus far, an alternate route has been rehabilitated for persons residing in the Diamond Housing Scheme to enter and exit through Avenues A and B, instead of the usual route at the Diamond Junction.
Another bridge will be constructed from Grove to allow persons to exit at Busbee Dam, Craig.