$186M approved for sport sector

The National Assembly last evening approved $186.4 million to facilitate more infrastructural works through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport’s Ground Enhancement Programme.
Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr told the House that the Ministry has already exhausted its budget to undertake several ground enhancements works across the country, hence the request for additional funds.
“Ground enhancement forms part of what communities do for their community grounds, which includes playing of sports, but it is not only for the playing of sports;

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon Charles Ramson Jr

it is a community ground for which all kinds of activities occur, like social and training activities, and even medical purposes,” he said.
Of this sum, $10 million will be allocated for the development of community grounds in Region Ten.
Responding to a question posed by Opposition MP Jermaine Figueira, Minister Ramson said that while no specific ground has yet been identified, a decision would be made following a consultation with key stakeholders. These include the Regional Administration and residents, among others.
He added that several grounds in the Region have already benefited from the programme; however, there is more to be done to ensure sportsmen and women have a space to train and exercise.
“There are options there, so when we go to Region 10, we will meet with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to identify the ground to start infrastructural works,” the Minister said.
The Ministry has allocated some $1.5 billion towards sport development, of which $915.5 million would go towards the improvement of community grounds countrywide. The work would include the establishment of multi-purpose sporting facilities of international standards in Regions Two, Six and Ten. (DPI.GOV.GY)